Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Canada Flag blocks done,

It was pretty easy.   In just 15 or 20 minutes each day, the 10 Canada flag blocks are done.  I started these blocks two weeks ago.   They didn't take very long to finish.  I will sew them together, and then it will come home with me in the spring to be quilted. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

We survived Christmas without our family.  Thank goodness for technology.  We spent time online with each of our three daughters and families... And we were able to watch our youngest grand daughter open all her gifts.  It was fun and so heart warming.    Later in the day, here in the community, we had an organized pot luck turkey dinner with 5 other couples followed by a Yankee swap.  It was lots of fun.     In Florida, where alligators are our respected back yard neighbors, they are honored on the front yards as decorations.   

So, for our Christmas pot luck dinner, I brought vegetables.   I used a couple of borrowed casserole dishes to put them in.    With time on  my hands, I made these two hot pot pads to fit the dishes.  I considered making Christmas themed hot pads, but decided to use scraps from my Canada flag quilt.  I will use these hot pads again.   when I return the dishes, I'll send along the custom made hot pads. Cute, Eh..

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fusing Maple Leaves

 I tested out my sewing den a bit yesterday and today.    I found out I wasn't a fan of the big office chair.   A spare kitchen chair seems to be better.

I've been itching to get at my Oh Canada quilt.  I led a class last month at our guild where we prepared 10 flag kits, and did a fabric swap.   I brought my kit of fabrics all nicely cut and stored in baggies by color.    I knew it would be my first project here.

I decided to work on the 10 maple leaves as my first project.  It wasn't very much sewing, and an easy project to work on in short spurts.

After piecing a chunk of fabric sized to fit each of the different colors of the maple leaves, I fused the traced leaf onto the back of the fabric.     This afternoon, I spent some time on the warm lanai, cutting out the 10 fused maple leaves.

They are calling for cooler weather here in Florida in the next few days, so I'm sure I'll have a chance to work on the side sections of the flags.

I'm done sewing for the day, but I did get a chance to lay out a couple of the colors on the ironing board.

For these side pieces, I'm doing a bit more contemplation on the placement of the colors, and how to sub-cut the strip sets to create a little variety and interest.

Stay tuned..

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Sewing Den - Winter 2016

We arrived yesterday at our home away from home in Florida.  It was so nice to finally get out of that car and just soak up the warmth.

Here is the before picture of my sewing den.   I spent a little time thinking about how to set it up.   I had my sewing machine, bags of fabrics and project kits.  I also have some knitting and stitching supplies.   I'm here for four months, so I want to make sure that I'm comfortable.

So it's all ready to sew.    I will have a look it my bag of kits and decide which will be the first.    Stay tuned.

A simple placement of the office desk by the window is perfect.
My cutting mt and tools are on this end of the desk.
The ironing board has a nice place to the right.

Lots of storage here.   There's even
a cute TV.  I'm not sure I'll use that
but we will see.

And another storage bookshelf.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meet the St. Anthony's Quilters

I was visiting with the St. Anthony's quilters earlier this week.   They are almost done the Christmas Goose Quilt.   I love that they have a full complement of quilters around the frame.   They will put on the Bluebell quilt that I showed you last week.
Remember, I couldn't remember the name... Well, it was Bluebell.   They knew what it was right away.    I guess it was only me that couldn't remember.  haha..

So, this is Doris, Alice, Paulette, Dolly, Josey and Alice.  Over the winter, they will pass Wednesday afternoons quilting.  

Friday, December 11, 2015

Scarf - allmost done!

I was knitting like mad last evening to get my fun scarf done.    But I came up short.    Just another hour of knitting and it would have been done.     Today, we are on our way to our home away from home in Florida.   So, since I hope not to need my my cute scarf for the next few months, it remain here and
will just be completed and blocked in the spring.

Actually, I consider this my practice scarf.   It's such a fun pattern to knit.  Each point of the scarf requires twelve rows.    While south, I'll look for some nicer yarn and I may knit one when I'm south..    


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Making Small Gifty things

I've got all my big projects behind me.  I'm now into making some small projects for our guild's silent auction that will be held at the Annual Christmas Luncheon.

This is a drawstring bag just big enough for a sewing machine foot pedal and cord.    It could also be used as a knitting bag for a small sock yarn project.  They are quick to make up out of scrappy fabric.    This was a free tutorial.  I followed the directions and the size is great.  It's easy to scale the size up if you need a bigger bag.

Now, I'm not sure what I will put in the bag.  Maybe it will be a surprise.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sock Monkey Coffee Cup Cozy

A friend of my teen granddaughter dropped a BIG hint to me last week...  She said that she loves Caitlin's Sock Monkey coffee cozy.   She said everyone loves it, even the teacher plays with the tail.... and she really wants one..  ....  So later on I asked Caitlin if that was a hint.... Caitlin smiled and confirmed my suspicion. It was a BIG hint.   I asked Caitlin if would like me to knit one for her and she can give it to her friend as a gift...  She jumped at the chance... So I made a couple.  I'm sure I'll find a home for the other one.  They are friggy to make, but I don't mind on a small project.   
If you want to make for yourself, you can find the free pattern on ravelry.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Presenting: Blue Something - St. Anthony's Raffle Quilt 2016

It's the next raffle quilt that the St. Anthony's Quilters will hand quilt over the winter.   One fall day a month ago, we had a discussion about the nice arrowhead block and how popular the color blue is.    As we were quilting, we threw around ideas and we all settled on a name.  And I can't Remember!!!!    It was to be called Blue something.....

I'm bringing the quilt, the backing, the batting, dark blue binding over this afternoon.  But the label will have to wait until next week so that I get the name right.    I bet the girls will forget too... teehee...