Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cowl Update

We had a fabulous vacation.   The whole trip was like a dream.    Seems so far away and so long ago now.  We've been home for exactly a week now and the effects of the jet lag have disappeared.  I feel like I'm back in routine and I'm itching to sew something,  

But first, I thought I'd show you how much I got done on my cowl.  We had some sea days, and to my surprise, there was a stitching and knitting get together in the afternoon on sea days.     What a nice chance to meet other like minded people.   There was about 20 people who met for tea and of course brought their projects along.  I enjoyed the social aspect, and while I brought my bag of knitting, I did more talking than knitting.    I did get one ball knit, and the other ball, I've knit since coming home.   The pattern says to make it 48" inches, and I didn't quite have enough, so I'm now into the third ball.

I really like the pattern It's easy to do from memory you have the first 20 or so rows done. I just love the texture and the diagonal design.   I love working with the Kroy sock yarn.  so smooth and easy to knit.   The timing couldn't be better because the near zero degree days are here and I need to keep my neck warm.    I'll model it for you in a few days...It's almost done.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

So, What's on my needles?

I'm heading out on a vacation.    I won't be anywhere near a sewing machine and our cruise has a few sea days.   It took me days to find and choose just the right project to work on, just in case I have a little downtime.   It's pretty simple, yet has a lovely detail stitch.  It's lightweight yarn, so easy to bundle up..

It's a cowl called That Nice Stitch, and is available here on Ravelry.  It will be a narrow scarf with two loops around your neck.  It has the nicest look to it.   I'm knitting it out of sock yarn because I don't like anything to heavy around my neck.

I thought I'd better start the pattern in case I have a problem.   I'm glad, because I didn't remember how to do a provisional cast on, so a 2 minute video on youtube refreshed my memory.    Easy peasy.    I have  my cast on done, and two inches of the pattern knit now.   So it's easy to pick up and continue if I get the urge to knit..  It will be 48" when I'm done.

It's now all tucked in my little drawstring pouch.  I made a few of these little pouches last December and shared the free pattern here.

I'll report back in a few weeks when I'm back at the computer, as to how much down time I  had to knit.

I'll not be blogging in the meantime, unless I run into a quilt show or something while away!!