Saturday, September 30, 2017

Don't Do this!

I've had a really nice spool of Invisafil fine thread for some time now.   I've been wanting to try to use it on a small project to see how it works.    After last weekends guild autumn themed strip swap, I thought I'd use Lee's square in a square block design to make a quick 24 x 24 table runner. Then I would quilt it and try out the fine thread.   

Turns out it was a bit of a disaster.   I couldn't figure out why.   The thread broke over at least dozen times.  No matter how slow I stitched, it broke.  After it broke for the third time, I decided I have too much time invested to rip out.  I continued on.     I tried giving the thread more space, by moving the spool away and give it a long guide... like 5 feet....  Still not better.   

I persevered.   It's done.     I looked at the end of the spool.    No wonder I had trouble.   It's 100 weight.   Darn.   I knew it was thin, but I thought it was 60 or 80 wt.    No wonder I had troubles.  Gesh. 

After all that, I do like it.  I wanted the quilting to just be subtle.   It's quilted in an apple core although it's hard to tell because of the fine thread. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's new - Wallets and a Pie

I'm planning a visit with my sister in Nova Scotia next month.    She's due for a new wallet. Last week I made her a cork wallet just like mine, except a maroon/burgundy color.   It's nice...  

And we had dinner guests last night and it was a perfect occasion to make another fabulous Gestine Bullock-Prado pie.    This time I did a few things different.  I tightened up my lattice and cut my apples thinner to make a less bumpy pie.  I found that with my last pie, the bumpy pie, distorted the lattice somewhat..  I'll save the bumpy look for a plain crusted pie... ...that is if I ever make a plain crust again...

 After making my first lattice pie, I thought I needed cookie cutters to make a few leaves out of the pie dough scraps.  But after a little practice, I now think the organic look of my leaves are appealing.    And look closely, do you see the ladybug....

Friday, September 15, 2017

Too Hot to Wear a Shawl.

We are having unusually hot weather.    But that doesn't mean that I can't wear my shawl around the house on the chilly mornings...  I finished it a week or so ago.   The free pattern was called Diving In on Ravelry.   I just love the little picot edge.     This was made from two balls of PaintBox Simply DK.    Thanks for the yarn.     I'm wondering now if I shouldn't make one of these shawls for each of my daughters for Christmas.  Do I have time?   Wouldn't it be nice with a shawl pin...  I'll think on it...

Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Fabulous Apple Pie

On the Labour day holiday, I took advantage of the free Crafty video day.   I know they have fabulous quilting videos, but they also have great cooking videos.    Among others, I watched a Pie making class.  The instructor, Gesine Bullock-Prado was fun to watch as she demonstrated..    She made several pies starting with her signature lattice pie.   I loved the look of this pie.   I couldn't wait to try it myself and today was the day.  I tried a few of Gesine's pie crust making and rolling techniques that were different than the way I do it.   Her techniques worked for me, and I will continue to do them her way.

But first, I chose to continue to use my own pie crust recipe and not hers.   I had to increase my recipe to allow for the extra dough needed for the lattice.    

Then as instructed, I made the lattice on a flat cookie sheet and placed in the freezer.  Now that was fun.  I enjoyed the weaving.  While the lattice was chilling/freezing, I rolled out the rest of the dough for the bottom crust, cut up the apples and added the other ingredients.  ...

By now the top lattice crust is firm enough to place on the top.   I carefully position on top, trim excess dough, and it's ready for the oven.

The little flowers are just sweet and just in case the dough cracked or messed up, you can use the flowers to hide a booboo.   Now, I have to tell you, there were NO booboos in my pie crust.  But I used the flowers anyway.

And voila.  
I present to you,
My Fabulous Apple Pie!!