Monday, March 12, 2018

Finishing Small Projects!

I have had a few projects on the go and my sewing area is messy.   It was a cool day today, so it's a good day to sew.   Finishing off some projects was #1 goal today.   The results are great.  I have new room on my table to start new projects. 


Two wide open bags and a great thread catcher bag that goes under my fabulous pin cushion.    

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Button Makes It!

I'm trying out a new pattern.   Before I invest in some fun collection fabric to make this fun small project, I'll use my own small bag of scrappy stash to make a prototype.    I had everything except a shank style button to top off my new pin cushion.  It's only 4" square and I just love the mini Dresden plate that sits on top.    I had envisioned going to the fabric store to get a button. But while in our community craft room yesterday with some knitting friends, I was shown our crafty "Junk" drawer with all kinds of awesome crafty things..   It was a small gold mine.  It was kind of exciting.  There was buttons, Velcro, doll eyes, needles, elastics, sequins, beads and so much more. 

After finding 5 perfect shank buttons for the pin cushion, I sat and auditioned them on my pin cushion for my knitting friends.  With their help, an antique gold button was chosen.  There was 2 of this button so I took both.    So now, what to do with the other perfect buttons.    Well, it was suggested I make more pin cushions.    And you know, it's not a bad idea.   I just might do that.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Quilt Show at Lake Ashton - 2018

I took a few pictures of our 3-hour community quilt show.  What a fun show little show.  We had knitting, crochet, crewel, cross stitch, tote bags, quilts, beaded cross stitch, and stitched cards.  There were many quilts, and I did not get photos of them all.. but I'll show you some of my favorites...

An under the Sea Quilt by Fran (who is 90 years old)

A bookshelf quilt by Carol O. from Quebec 

A to Z by Ewe and Me - by Me :)

Strip Quilt by Fran.  Love this... It's now on my to-do list

The most stunning graduation of yellow to
brown/black by Marilyn B from Toronto. 

Lin from the UK, made the blue fish quilt with the wavy blocks.
Love the texture. 

Beautiful Cross Stitch, cruel and my back stitched Picasso.

This is the Show Stopper.   Beautiful turned applique by Marilyn B from TO.

Detail of hand applique.

Lots of needle works by the Thursday afternoon knitting group.  

See my bunnies.   They were on the Sew What knitting table

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Table Runner that serves many purposes. -

With leftover fabrics from the Late Bloomers quilt last month, I made 8 hourglass blocks. Sewing them together got me a good size runner.   It's 16" x 32".     I've free motion stitched for about 1 hour on this runner, 10 or 15 minutes at a time.   It's done now and its bound with scrap fabric.  It's more of an improv quilting practice.  In my head, I say its Perfectly Imperfect.   It's been my style for a while now.  It's very forgiving.  What started out to be straight lines are slightly wavy, circles might be a little flat on the sides... but that's all ok.   Without a big concern for color or a whole lot of planning, it actually turned out pretty nice.      This runner will serve several purposes.    

1.  A practice free motion piece for me, and now a sample piece to take to a 
free motion class that I'm leading tomorrow.   
2.  It will be a second runner that I said I would put into our little community 
show that is happening this Wednesday, Feb 21.
3. It uses up these large triangular scraps, and finally
4.  The last thing I need is a runner, so it will be given away as a 
fun gift to somebody.    

The practical side of me is smiling as I finish up this project.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Community Quilt Show coming up soon

It's going to be a busy day.   February 21.   Quilters from our community will be busy setting up a quilt show in the morning with doors opening at 1 pm until 4.    It's open to everyone.     There's all kinds of forms of stitching to be displayed and a number of hand stitching techniques will be shown.  Knitting, Swedish Weaving, beaded cross stitch, quilts and more.   If you happen to be in the area, why not drop by. 

For this show, I've brought my ABC quilt and I've made a couple of small items since we got here after Christmas.     One of the items I made this past Superbowl Sunday, was this leaves runner.   It was easy to whip up since I had made a couple of these last fall. 

I've made a pair of knitted bunnies to be displayed as well.   I still have a little work to do on one bunny, so I'll show you a picture of that next week.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

On to the Next UFO - Star Light Quilt

This simple but sweet pattern is called Star Light from APQ Magazine from 2012.     I actually saw this quilt when my friend Jeannie-Kaye displayed it at our guild quilt show a few years ago.  I just loved the simplicity of it and you just have to love the red stars.   This quilt was started at our cottage several years ago.  While at the cottage, I only sewed on rainy days.  The last couple of summers at the cottage were beautiful so it's no surprise that this little project wasn't finished.    Well, it's about time that it gets done.  So it's here in Florida with me.  After spending some time finishing up a few blocks today, all the blocks and sashes are laid out on the spare bed.   Using my flip and stack method, it will be easy to sew it all together.  Then I will add the final border later in the week.   So, that will make two UFO's done.    
When packing up projects to take with me last month, I didn't realize that my little UFO strategy would work so well.  After this Star Light project, I only have two more to go.   Maybe I should have brought more!!   

Monday, January 8, 2018

New Little Labels

There are certain things I always need to order or re-order when snowbird season comes.   One of the things was small labels for my little projects.   

I usually order the gray color because it goes with lots of things...but this time I tried a couple of different colors, and fonts and sizes.   I just got them in the mail and I'm pretty pleased.    Just in time too.    See, the local quilt shop here has moved to a bigger and better building.   They are planning a grand re-opening and asked if I would bring in some samples from classes that I lead.   Because I now have a wealth of labels, everything gets a label.  Tomorrow I'll bring the labelled samples with me when I visit the new store for the first time.

Some of you will ask where I order the labels.    The name of the company is the Dutch Label Shop .  I order the basic woven labels.   Their website is so fun and easy to use.   Chose colors, fonts, size and quantity.    Have fun.

Edit**   Guess what guys, Abby from the Dutch Label Shop has given my friends an opportunity to get a discount if you order.    This code is good until the Feb. 10, 2018.   Just enter quiltknitrunsew15 in the promo box.  

Late Bloomers Progress

Late Bloomers was one of 4 quilt kits that I've brought with me for my winter sewing.  It was started last year and I had the hourglass blocks done before I gave up on it put it away.

Well in the last seven days, I've picked away at squaring up every hourglass block and put together most of the quilt.    I've probably worked at it for no more than 1 hour per day.    I'm now working on the two side borders and probably only a couple of hours away from having the top done.  It's a good size, it will be 60" x 60" when finished.  It happens to be the perfect width for my entryway and after it's quilted, it will replace my Winter Wonderland.

I love the whimsy and movement in the flowers.  I love that it's a star block and a nine patch.   I love even more that I used all fabrics from my scraps and stash.

My mind is now wondering on what kit to work on next.    Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Working on a Late Bloomers Quilt

Happy New Year!      I'm at my home away from home and have limited sewing supplies.  I've left my Trail Mix scrap quilt at home, and will continue on that in the spring...

While I don't make resolutions, I am excited for my 2018 sewing plans.   It's my intention to work on a couple of quilts that have been unfinished.  They are kits that are partly sewn.     

Today I started working on this Late Bloomers quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting April 2012 magazine.   I had cut myself a kit, and bagged it for later use.  I think it was two years ago, I started working on it, but found the instructions needed lots of concentration to figure out all the different sizes of the hourglass blocks.   It could have been just me at the time... to many things going on... so I just put it all back in the zip bag and said I'll do it later.

Well later is now - January 2018.    I've familiarized myself with all the components and the pattern again.... I'm finding the instructions just fine.    I am sewing hourglass blocks.   The next step is to trim them to the exact size.   I forgot my small 6.5" squaring up ruler so I'll need a trip to the fabric store to buy one. 

I'm hoping to have Late Boomers quilt top done by the end of January.     So, check in with me next week to see how I'm doing...

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mis-using my quilting tools again - To Make a Pie

It's the day before our big Christmas dinner.   The turkey will be in the oven early to be ready for our mid-afternoon feast.   So that means my pie has to go in the oven 1 hour before the turkey.   To save time in the morning, today I've made Gesine's famous lattice top pie.  I will freeze the crust until tomorrow. In the morning, peeling the apples and assembling the pie will take about 10 minutes to do.   My little race will be to get it all assembled before the oven heats to 425.    We'll see about that.

You've seen me make these Gesine pies before, but what makes it easier now is using time saving tools.   The most important tool is my see-through quilters ruler.   It's actually a broken 18" quilting ruler that I couldn't bear to part with.   It snapped off years ago and is only 10 inches long now.    But turns out it's perfect for cutting strips for my Gesine pie.   I'm also using a pizza cutter like a rotary cutter to glide along the edge of the ruler.   All this makes the pie crust strip cutting so easy.   Gesine eyeballs her strips and cuts with a big knife.  I tried that with less success than she... the master of evenly cut lattice strips.

My old quilting ruler has a brand new importance and has a special place in my kitchen drawer now.    If you ever need to borrow, you know where I am.   

It's weird to see my quilting ruler
in with all my pie making dirty dishes.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Slightly Modern Baby Quilt

Again, my friend Margie made a baby quilt just like this one over a year ago.  It's a slightly modern pink/grey/black colors with a traditional chevron design using half square triangles.  I just loved it when I saw Margie's and thought the next baby girl quilt I  make is going to be like this one. 

I finished up this baby quilt this week.  It's for a colleague of my daughter.  She's having a baby girl in early April. There will be a staff baby shower in March and since I won't be here in March, I thought I'd better make it now.  Isn't it cute.  I have a little leftover bit of flannel from the back, so I thought I'd make a tag blankie or two to go with it. 

Do you see my little label?   I have been using them lately, but in the past, I have felt kind of shy to put them on my projects.  In the last year, I seem to have gotten over my shyness and have used them a lot this year on small gifts.       I'll be ordering more labels soon.  Maybe I'll try a different color this time.   

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Start of a Trail Mix Scrap Quilt

I first saw this quilt at our very own quilt show some 4 or 5 years ago.   It's called Trail Mix and it was done by my friend Margie.    She had just retired and moved here from Ontario.   I wish I had a photo to show you because it was marvelous.       It was made from a pattern published in an American Patchwork Magazine, and is now a freebee on their website.    Click here if you'd like to download it. 

It's a large quilt and it will need lots of scraps.   There will be more than 100 six inch blocks and there are 5 block types in this quilt.   I will do one block type at a time.   I'm excited to start this quilt because the pattern has been printed and has been sitting on my worktable for a whole year.   

Yesterday I finally got at it.  With my laundry basket of scraps, I pressed, cut, stitched, and pressed again the first set of 4 patch blocks.   It was the easiest block set to start out with.   There were about 35 blocks.     This week, I hope to get another set of blocks done.   It's the the triple patch block.  It's a lot more involved.    A multi-day effort for the 42 blocks that I need.   I hope to show you the completed blocks next Wednesday.     Stay tuned..

Here's my first set of blocks...