Monday, March 23, 2015

Tutorial - How to make a Gift box for your wallet.

You've made your fabulous wallet.  
Now you might want to make a pretty gift box for it.

Using the directions that follow, you will be scoring
a scrapbook size piece of cardstock.  Then trimming,
folding, and securing with glue or tape.

Start with a 12 x 12" cardstock weight paper.
Set the cardstock on point, on your cutting mat.
You will also need a long ruler and a scoring tool
(an old nail file in my case).
(other scoring tools could be a small pointed knitting needle, or
a non-serrated butter knife)

Diagonally, line up all 4 of your cardstock corners so
they are exactly on an inch mark.    Set your ruler edge
exactly 2-1/8" from the imaginary center line.

Using your scoring tool, firmly press along edge of the ruler
making sure that the ruler does not move.

Now, carefully slide your ruler over to the right 3-5/8" from
the imaginary center line.
Now repeat these same 2 scores on the opposite side.

Turn your cardstock 90 degrees to do the  wider scores.
Place the edge of your ruler 4-1/8" from the center. Score
Move  ruler to the right 5-5/8"  from the center line.   Score
Repeat these 2 scores on the other side.

I have penciled in where my scores are so you can see better
About the center of each of your 4 sides, you will notice 2 little triangles.

With a small pair of scissors, cut out the 2 triangles
on all 4 sides.  8 triangles in total..

To the flaps:  On the short ends, cut in from one of the triangles
to the score mark.  Do this on both short ends.

Carefully, crease all your folds.

Fold up each short end and you will put a bit of glue
on each flap.  Then fold up the other sides and clip or hold
until the glue dries.  

I am holding the flap for 10-15 second
while the glue takes.  Do this for all 4 flaps.
(or better yet, use double sided tape)

I had not glued all 4 flaps in this picture,
but please imagine that they are glued.
Fold the top of the box in place.  You will notice it's a tad
bit longer that it needs to be.  

With a small pair of scissors, round or square off all four
corners about a half an inch.  

You can orient your box like this by
securing two small bottom tabs and
securing the lower flap to the sides.

You can orient your gift box like this
by securing all 4 small tabs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's a quick hostess gift that I whipped up this morning.   I'm attending a St. Patrick's Day Social in at a friend's house this evening.    We are dressing in green and bringing appetizers.    My appetizer,  deep fried green beans (from Publix's Frozen Section).    

Everything Green!!

This started out with 3 inch squares.   Now it's approximately 8" x 14".  
Perfect for a long skinny dish.
I love to practice my circle quilting.
Easy once you get the hang of it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Isla's Secret Garden

 My friend Brenda R. gave me some left over "marble-like" duck-weight fabric which was left over from making a bulletin board.      I had just came across this link for a pattern to make a straight sided cosmetic sized bag.    So it's a great opportunity to try the pattern.   Using some scraps from other finished projects, I made some flowers, and free-motion stitched them on the bag fronts.   Then assembled the bags.  Easy peasy.    

As an after thought, I decided to add a line of grass on the back of the bags because they are so plain.    And as another after thought, on one, I added the name of a little grand-daughter of Brenda R.'s visitor   It fits into the back grassy part quite nice.    Her name is Isla.   Sounds like I-La.
The bag on the right is for Isla.  If I were to give this
little bag a name, it would be Isla's Secret Garden.
I've hidden Isla's name on the back of the bag in the grass.  

Grassy bits on the back of the bags....

Do you see Isla's name!  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dumplings anyone?

I quickly finished up this little prototype dumpling bag to go with my Bionic Gear bag.   The nice thing about this little zip bag is that it sits like a bowl when opened.  When closed it has the shape of a dumpling.  It's quite cute.    
Cute little dumpling bag.  It's only about 2 inches high.

It sits open  to hold your clips or other little necessities.
The next time, I'll use the lighter fabric on the inside
so I can see my trinkets easier..:)

See how my little dumpling fits nicely in the tray.

My keeper bionic bag will be made from these main fabrics.
I have a kit made up ready to take home.
Watch for that in April or May!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The reveal - My sewing organizer bag - It's Cute

This little organizer is 10 inches wide when it's all zipped up.   I wasn't happy with my first choice of fabrics for this prototype, but I really like my better choice for the outside of the bag.   It is quite pink but I like it.    I do have lots of colors on the inside, and one of them is pink.   So it all worked out pretty good... for a prototype.

The name of this organizer is the Bionic Gear Bag.  There's a little zippered dumpling bag to compliment this kit.      It won't take long to make, so stay tuned for that.

I just love using my new little labels.  

This is what the organizer looks like when I unzip the big zipper.  It has
four inside smaller zippered sections.  The front
flops down to makes a tray. It will hold needed
items for the day.

Here it is with some of those needed items moved from the
slots into the tray area.   It's hard to see but, there is room
for 7 large spools of thread.  I have four large spools in there now.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sewing a Sewing Organizer

Last week I was in a quilt shop and saw a sweet sample of an organizer tote for all your sewing things.    You would use this if you go to a retreat or a workshop.    I should have taken a picture of the tote because it was just sweet.  I wanted to buy the pattern and go home and make it right away.   But they had sold out the pattern.   I totally understand why because the sample was just so darling.   Anyway, the store took my name and said they expected the pattern the next day and they'd call.   It's been over a week and no call.  

I did some research online and found this similar pattern.  It's not quite the same.  It has an extra zipper, and it's a little bigger, but the concept is the same.   I bought the pattern and downloaded it.  After reading through the pattern requirements, I fished through all my scraps for usable pieces.    I even sacrificed some bits from my A - Z quilt fabrics.   I'm sure there are 10 different fabrics in it.     I started to sew up the prototype and actually it's eye catching with all the color.  I've been picking away at it here and there for a couple of days.    I had some short zippers but I need to buy a 22" zipper.    Its coming out better than I thought.  

I had quickly quilted the outside out of a piece of scrap knowing that it's just a prototype.... but prototype or not, I'm not crazy about this brown/mustard colored fabric.  I'll pick up something with nicer colors today or tomorrow when I get the zipper.   I should have this done in a day or two.   Stay tuned for the reveal.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

EdVentures Fredericton - Wallet Workshop

I'm pleased to announce that I have been selected to teach a wallet class during this summer's edVentures learning program.

This 1 day Batik Smart Wallet class is on Friday July 17th, 2015. 

If you have crafty visitors coming to Fredericton this summer, they might really enjoy this workshop.    There is a 15% early bird discount if you register early.   Will you help me spread the word?  

Now, this class will be setup a little different.   Students, as part of their kit fee, will get to choose one of 5 styles of prepared batik kits.    This means that they will just bring their sewing machine to the class, choose their kit and simply start sewing.  Their kit includes quality batik fabric, interfacing, purse hardware, zipper, thread and of course the pattern so they can make another when they go home.   So no homework before the class like my normal local classes have been.

Won't you consider joining us!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's warm Mr. Alligator

It's been warm this week.  After a cool February, everyone is out catching a few rays by the pool.  Even the alligators.   I was telling my grandkids this week about all the gators, so I thought I'd show them.    This guy is about six feet long and live in a pond behind our house.   It looks like I'm close to the gator, but I'm not.  I have a nice zoom on my good camera.   

He is up on the bank here.  Not far from the water
He is a spectacle and all the neighbours are taking photos 

This is a view of the back of our home away from home.   I was standing near
the alligator's home pond. no zoom.   About 100 yards away from our place.
He's too hot.  He needs just a bit of refreshing water!!
When he's had enough of the commotion, he
slithers into the comfort of his  algae infested pond.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Banana Streusel Muffins

I don't do much baking while at our home away from home.  We buy cookies and the odd desert from the grocery store.

But this week, three spotty bananas sitting on the cupboard for a few days set me in action.    I borrowed a muffin tin.  Also borrowed a mixing bowl.   After searching and reviewing recipes, I found a great recipe.  Banana Streusel Muffins.   Then off to the store to buy baking soda and cupcake papers.   I had everything else.

Two for our coffee break, the rest in the freezer.
If you are handy, come by for coffee.
It was fun to bake something for a change.  It's been two months.   I think I dirtied half the dishes in the kitchen.   See, at home, I normally make muffins from a mix.    But these are well worth the effort.  The messy crumbly bits on the top are sweet, and the muffin itself doesn't have very much sugar.    

This recipe is definitely a keeper and I've saved it in my Paprika App because I will definitely use again when I get home.