Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quilted Badge/Phone Holder - a prototype

I enjoyed making this cute project.  

I'm using it for a phone holder when I go for my morning walk.    The instructions have this badge holder hanging around your neck but I made a 50" cross body strap instead.  I'll wear this prototype today to carry my phone in it while I walk.   I think the size is right on.  My phone fits perfectly inside the zip section or in the back slot.  

This project didn't take long at all.   Maybe an hour or less.   The key is to pre-quilt a 12 x 12" piece of fabric.  Then cut it into the required size pieces.  Next time I make this, besides using a coordinating zipper color :), I would not bother with the badge holder plastic in the front.  It made it hard to turn inside out and I'm not using it for a conference so it's really not needed.  

Want to make one for your self, check out this tutorial.


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Beatrice said...

Hello, it looks great! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.