Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Preparing Seeds for the Seed Library

I have a small plot at a local community garden.  I love it because there's a fence around the whole garden and it keeps out the deer and other animals.   All the plot owners are expected to support the gardens by volunteering.  I've had some fun jobs.     This week, the community gardens organization have some exciting news.  They have been given space in the Fredericton Public Library for their seed library.  The official opening of the Seed Library is this Friday.   So that means, this past weekend, a small group of volunteers prepared small packets of seeds that will be stored in the Library and will be free to those who want them.   

Caitlin and Aurora came with me last Saturday to help to prepare the seed packets.   They really did help a lot.  Aurora stuck colored dots on the seed names.  The different colors indicate how easy or hard the vegetables are to grow.  Caitlin cut out the individual labels that will go in the bag with the seeds.    Then we all counted and bagged seeds.    The other volunteers were pretty appreciative and impressed with the girls hard work.  
Later on after our volunteer work was done, the kids were eating an orange for a snack.   Who can resist using your orange wedge as a mouth guard!  

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Vicki W said...

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