Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In search of a Great Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I came across this recipe on Pinterest this week.  

I love this recipe. I omit the raisins however. It was on the Quaker Oats box at one time.It's a Quaker Oats recipe that was on the top of a canister of oatmeal.  I've tried many oatmeal cookie recipes and I can't seem to find one that cooks up right for me.  Even my sisters fabulous oatmeal cookie recipe which comes out great for her, is bla and flat when I make them.
I gave this recipe a try the other day.  And the cookies came out better than most recipes that I've tried.  I like that they don't flatten out to much.   My husband says the are just fine.    Actually I make them for him and not me.

This recipe makes a nice big batch, and next time I'll double the cinnamon.  So I think I'll stick with this recipe for now.  

(Unless you have a recommended recipe. :)  )


Susan Rascone said...

In my experience, margarine makes the cookies flatten more than butter.

Linda H said...

They sure look yummy. Any time you need a taste tester, let me know. Yes margarine has a different molecular structure than butter and will affect the texture. Soft margarine is no good for baking at all....