Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Quilt Show at Lake Ashton - 2018

I took a few pictures of our 3-hour community quilt show.  What a fun show little show.  We had knitting, crochet, crewel, cross stitch, tote bags, quilts, beaded cross stitch, and stitched cards.  There were many quilts, and I did not get photos of them all.. but I'll show you some of my favorites...

An under the Sea Quilt by Fran (who is 90 years old)

A bookshelf quilt by Carol O. from Quebec 

A to Z by Ewe and Me - by Me :)

Strip Quilt by Fran.  Love this... It's now on my to-do list

The most stunning graduation of yellow to
brown/black by Marilyn B from Toronto. 

Lin from the UK, made the blue fish quilt with the wavy blocks.
Love the texture. 

Beautiful Cross Stitch, cruel and my back stitched Picasso.

This is the Show Stopper.   Beautiful turned applique by Marilyn B from TO.

Detail of hand applique.

Lots of needle works by the Thursday afternoon knitting group.  

See my bunnies.   They were on the Sew What knitting table

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Table Runner that serves many purposes. -

With leftover fabrics from the Late Bloomers quilt last month, I made 8 hourglass blocks. Sewing them together got me a good size runner.   It's 16" x 32".     I've free motion stitched for about 1 hour on this runner, 10 or 15 minutes at a time.   It's done now and its bound with scrap fabric.  It's more of an improv quilting practice.  In my head, I say its Perfectly Imperfect.   It's been my style for a while now.  It's very forgiving.  What started out to be straight lines are slightly wavy, circles might be a little flat on the sides... but that's all ok.   Without a big concern for color or a whole lot of planning, it actually turned out pretty nice.      This runner will serve several purposes.    

1.  A practice free motion piece for me, and now a sample piece to take to a 
free motion class that I'm leading tomorrow.   
2.  It will be a second runner that I said I would put into our little community 
show that is happening this Wednesday, Feb 21.
3. It uses up these large triangular scraps, and finally
4.  The last thing I need is a runner, so it will be given away as a 
fun gift to somebody.    

The practical side of me is smiling as I finish up this project.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Community Quilt Show coming up soon

It's going to be a busy day.   February 21.   Quilters from our community will be busy setting up a quilt show in the morning with doors opening at 1 pm until 4.    It's open to everyone.     There's all kinds of forms of stitching to be displayed and a number of hand stitching techniques will be shown.  Knitting, Swedish Weaving, beaded cross stitch, quilts and more.   If you happen to be in the area, why not drop by. 

For this show, I've brought my ABC quilt and I've made a couple of small items since we got here after Christmas.     One of the items I made this past Superbowl Sunday, was this leaves runner.   It was easy to whip up since I had made a couple of these last fall. 

I've made a pair of knitted bunnies to be displayed as well.   I still have a little work to do on one bunny, so I'll show you a picture of that next week.