Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Table Runner that serves many purposes. -

With leftover fabrics from the Late Bloomers quilt last month, I made 8 hourglass blocks. Sewing them together got me a good size runner.   It's 16" x 32".     I've free motion stitched for about 1 hour on this runner, 10 or 15 minutes at a time.   It's done now and its bound with scrap fabric.  It's more of an improv quilting practice.  In my head, I say its Perfectly Imperfect.   It's been my style for a while now.  It's very forgiving.  What started out to be straight lines are slightly wavy, circles might be a little flat on the sides... but that's all ok.   Without a big concern for color or a whole lot of planning, it actually turned out pretty nice.      This runner will serve several purposes.    

1.  A practice free motion piece for me, and now a sample piece to take to a 
free motion class that I'm leading tomorrow.   
2.  It will be a second runner that I said I would put into our little community 
show that is happening this Wednesday, Feb 21.
3. It uses up these large triangular scraps, and finally
4.  The last thing I need is a runner, so it will be given away as a 
fun gift to somebody.    

The practical side of me is smiling as I finish up this project.  


Sherrill said...

Simple but so so cute!! Love it!

Donna Peters said...

this is just sweet!

Lee said...

Am I going to get to see this in person? I like the spontaneity of the quilting. Looking more closely, that dark burgundy fabric looks like what Helen put out a desperate plea for!