Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Viewers Choice Ribbon for Abby

A viewers Choice for Abby was presented to me last
evening at our quilt guilds closing banquet. (thanks Linda H. for the photo)

I decided to make Abigail last fall.  See, it all started last year when a friend, Kathy S. from Alberta, made a quilted cow and it was so different, that I knew I had to make one.  But could I actually do it?   I kept my project to myself knowing that if it came out good, I would use it for our Guild quilt show.  And also I would need a project to do while away on our winter snowbird trip.  I started planning my kit.   I rummaged through my stash to find a whole bunch of different fabrics.   Finally time was closing in, and I bundled up my final choices and this would be become my kit.  It fit in a brown paper lunch bag.  We arrived in Florida and I couldn't wait until Christmas was over so I could start my fun secret project.   The dining room table was cleared, and the work on Abby began.  Friends and neighbours came by every couple of days to check on her progress.    They loved seeing Abby come to life.   

Well, here are a few progress photos.

Outlined my marked pattern with strips of dark fabric.
Started placing strips from the top down. Horns, forehead, ears. 
 Every strip was given careful consideration.

Placing strips continue and gets faster as Abby
emerges.  I can see her personality coming out.   

Then after all the strips were placed, the quilting started.. 
Hubby helped hold the quilt while I stitched the
straight lines.  


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Quilt Labels for the Fredericton Quilt Guild Show

Getting ready to put quilts in a quilt show is a great motivator to get quilt labels made for the quilts going into our Guild's quilt show. I had three quilts entered into the show, and listed another two as "just in case you need more".   So I needed a total of 5 labels..

I had thought about stitching them on my embroidery machine...but that's not my favorite thing to do and working with my outdated software is a pain.    Then I thought about hand stitching lovely labels. I would have loved to do that, but I know it would have taken a lot longer than I would have time.  The show was approaching fast.    So, I thought I might create my labels in MS word, then print.  I used my new light box and simply hand traced labels using a micron pen onto the freezer paper stabilized cotton.

What do you think?   I am really glad I did it this way and I'll definitely do this again.   

This was the scrap quilt piece I worked on over the winter.
Abigail is a collaged cow.   Stay tuned for a post just about Abby.
Nobody had seen her until the week of the show.  She was a hit.

This Kitchen Sink quilt is one of my favorite scrap quilts. 
I will make another sometime.

My friend Diane gave me the fabulous Elizabeth Hartman pattern,
North Stars for my birthday last year. 
I did it block of the month style and had it finished by Christmas.   Loved doing it that way.

You probably saw my Winter Wonderland quilt.  It normally hangs
in my foyer in the winter.  I loved hand stitching the blocks, mostly at the cottage.

This quilt was "'s" block of the month a couple of years ago. 
It's so sweet.  And quilting really brings it to life.