Tuesday, March 27, 2018

An Insert Pouch for the Sew Together Bag

The designer of the Sew Together Bag has made a fun little pouch that fits in perfect between the zippered sections of the bag.  It's called the Prismic Pouch.   She provides the pattern piece here, and the video instruction on youtube here.   It fits perfectly.   I've put  many of my threads and bobbins in it to test the fit.  I love the shape.   It took less than an hour to make.  She calls for woven interfacing, but I used Pellon 911F. Seems to work just fine.   I'll definitely make another for the other messy section.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Quilty Gift for Fran

Fran is a quilter/sewer who attends the Tuesday afternoon Quilters Social here in the Community where we stay in the winter.   We are about 40 people who belong to the "club".  But at any given Tuesday afternoon social, there is usually only about 15 or 20 who attend...  Well, Fran is turning 90 next week, and the quilters are throwing a surprise birthday party/lunch for her.  There is a large number of people coming out for the party...

So, the question is, what to get a 90 year old accomplished quilter birthday?  I don't know her very well, but I knew that I would definitely make her a little something, but what?    After searching through my small projects, I decided that a fancy needle keep would be the right thing.   No doubt she has one or two already.  But we know that one can always use a few more, especially a fancy one like this. 

So here it is.... and I also made a small home made card for her with her name on it.   I did include three pins on the little internal pin cushion and in the note I made a comment that said, "from my pin cushion to yours".     The little card will look nice on the wrapped wallet with recycled tissue paper.  (thanks Lucy).

Monday, March 12, 2018

Finishing Small Projects!

I have had a few projects on the go and my sewing area is messy.   It was a cool day today, so it's a good day to sew.   Finishing off some projects was #1 goal today.   The results are great.  I have new room on my table to start new projects. 


Two wide open bags and a great thread catcher bag that goes under my fabulous pin cushion.    

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Button Makes It!

I'm trying out a new pattern.   Before I invest in some fun collection fabric to make this fun small project, I'll use my own small bag of scrappy stash to make a prototype.    I had everything except a shank style button to top off my new pin cushion.  It's only 4" square and I just love the mini Dresden plate that sits on top.    I had envisioned going to the fabric store to get a button. But while in our community craft room yesterday with some knitting friends, I was shown our crafty "Junk" drawer with all kinds of awesome crafty things..   It was a small gold mine.  It was kind of exciting.  There was buttons, Velcro, doll eyes, needles, elastics, sequins, beads and so much more. 

After finding 5 perfect shank buttons for the pin cushion, I sat and auditioned them on my pin cushion for my knitting friends.  With their help, an antique gold button was chosen.  There was 2 of this button so I took both.    So now, what to do with the other perfect buttons.    Well, it was suggested I make more pin cushions.    And you know, it's not a bad idea.   I just might do that.