Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Placemats with the Friday group.

I spent the morning making placemats with the Friday girls. The group doesn't have a name, so I just call them my Friday girls. One of the girls, Jen is in charge of the Quilt Guild's community project this year. One of the projects is to make quilty and Christmassy placemats that will be given to those who get meals on wheels over the holidays. We have over 100 members of the guild, and only 34 placemats were turned in at the last meeting. So the last day to turn them in is at our Christmas luncheon on the 11th. So, it sounds like the target is 100 placemats now to be used not only for meals on wheels, but the veterans too. This is a great project for the small day quilting groups to use as an excuse to sew together. So this morning our little group of 6 people made a dozen placemats. Jen, had to leave a bit early and took them with her before I could take a picture of them all, but we're getting together next Friday, so I'll see if she'll bring them for a photo. They're quite simple, but very festive and who doesn't like a placmat. Funny, you get 6 quilters working on a project and everyone has a different idea what size placemats should be... ha ha. We decided on 15" wide by 12" high.

While I was out this morning, Mert cleaned and started up the pellet stove. While it's Zero outside, it's a cozy 24ish in the family room. Residual heat floats out of the family room and goes upstairs. I love the warmth of the stove. He also primed the backsplash in the kitchen and we're ready to wallpaper - probably on Monday. The paper is a cafe like motif. I think it'll be a nice departure from the mock-tile wallpaper we've had for 17 years. Here is the wallpaper and the border. I'm not sure how I'm going to use the border, but it's cute. It has 3 or 4 different sets of words... Bake Shop, Pattiserie, Pie shop, etc. It's quite a narrow border, so I'm not sure how I'll apply it. Then, the kitchen will be done. I like it though, and I don't think it's too country. This was the first time I ordered wallpaper out of a book. It's much more expensive that just purchasing from the local inventory at the paint store. I didn't find near as much selection as I have in the past.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ohh, winter is coming!

Well it's snowing lightly today. I need to get my run in before it gets windy. I put my sneekers on, long sleeve shirt and shell, hat and gloves on. Got my ipod ready and started and off I go. I didn't even get to the of court and down I went. I slipped on an ice patch hidden by the light whispy snow. I didn't hurt myself..(I have a lot of padding back there) but I'm so scared of falling and really hurting myself. I really need to figure out where I'm going to run for the winter. Patience thinks she has come up with a solution at her gym. We'll see if that works. So we're off to the Orena for a FAST walk on the indoor track (they don't allow running).

Knitting - Thanks to the long bus ride to New York, and back, I have the back and half the front done so far for Baby A's little sweater aran sweater. It's so small and cute. We had an ultrasound for Baby A yesterday. She's a whopping 1800 grams at 30 weeks. That's about 4 pounds. Man, she's going to be a big one. We saw her face and I think she has Patience's little nose... but can you really tell in the ultrasounds... What neat technology.

Grampa Ernie birthday is on Saturday December 1. I put his present in the courier today. I'll be delivered to my sister Donna's school tomorrow. He's going to be 78 years old.

Tomorrow with my Friday quilt group, we're making Christmas placemats for the Veterans and the Meals on Wheels deliveries over the holidays. I'm not one to buy Christmas fabric, but I bought a nice little bunch to bring to the group. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Here's a nice Christmas picture of Grace, Mitchell and Caitlin that their dad took last week. I think he's pretty good with the camera, don't you think!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back from New York - I need a rest!

Well, we got back last night from New York. What a fabulous trip. We did it all: Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Trump, 5th Ave, Madison Ave, the Stardust Cafe, Macy's Parade, Ground Zero, the Soup Natzi's original restaurant, Grand Central Station, Battery Park, Kates Paperie (a fav. of Martha Stewart) the famouse NY Library (that has a lion statue outside named Patience) on the way home we stopped at LL Bean in Freeport for 2 hours of power shopping. I should have worn a pedometer. My feet are just recovering now and I need to go buy a new pair of sneekers.

I took over 100 pictures... now - which ones to put up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Packing and off to New York

We're packing and heading to New York first thing in the morning. Our first bus trip. It's our "official" retirement gift to ourselves. We'll be away for a whole week, returning Saturday night. While we're away, having the rest of the kitchen work completed, and having our 3 bathroom floors tiled.

We'll be front and center for the Macy's Day parade on Thursday, so watch for us on TV. We'll wave.

Back to Blog on Sunday 25 Nov.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kitchen Update - Step 3

Well, the countertop is in. That involved removing the old dishwasher, the sink, taps, and the stove, then removing the countertop, then reversing the process. Install dishwasher, cut holes in the countertop for the sink and stove. It was a difficult removal and install, but it's done. The laminite on the island has been removed but the island still needs some preparation work before the new laminate can be put on. Mert put the new chocolate brown knobs on the doors. I like them. So, besides the Island and Desk laminate to be installed, all we have to do is the backsplash to put on (wallpaper that looks like tile) then it will look nice. Now I don't like the look of the white toaster. So we might get a new stainless 2 slice. We've always had a 4 slice toaster, but I don't know why. I only ever have 1 slice and never at the same time as Mert. So, we're downsizing to a 2 slice model. The frilly curtains have to go too.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dragon

On Tuesday, we woke up to snow. It totally threw me off. I was all set to go for a run, as I usually do on Tuesdays, and it was too dirty. I probably couldn't have even walked in my sneakers because of the slippery conditions. So I started to really consider what my options were for running for the winter... my old work gym, the new YMCA, or wait for the new Newbodies... I went for a really fast walk at the new track with Mert and ran on Wednesday instead. I have to learn to be more flexible.

That same day, Mitchell visited us in the afternoon while his sisters were at gymnastics class. Our goal was to make a dragon hat, make muffins, make supper, make a puzzle and finally to make a dragon paper craft. Whew mama, I was tuckered out, but Mitchell was so happy, especially with this paper dragon. Funny how the small things please kids.

Wednesday around noon, I finally got my run in. We had Grace for the afternoon while Mitchell went to hockey practice. We had a bit more time, so with Grace, we picked out a nice paper acquarium with 8 fish and a snail. We also made cookies, and a fleece hat. By far, the acquarium was her favorite thing. It took almost 2 hours to make. Last Wednesday we had Caitlin over and she mostly made her fleece hat by herself. She is so proud. She wore the hat while making brownies, while having supper and even wore it to bed. How cute!

Yesterday, (Wed) afternoon we go the call from Home Depot, our countertops are in. We rushed up to pick it up and couldn't wait to call Peter, our carpenter to tell him it was here. Peter dropped by to check everything out and said he'd be here first thing tomorrow (which is today, Thurs) to install the dishwasher and countertops. I'm so excited. Our kitchen should be all up and running, with the new light, countertops, knobs and dishwasher by end of day Friday. I can't wait to take a picture to show you.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kids Skating

I think swimming and skating are two of the best things kids can learn at a very young age. We've been going with Michele and triplets skating for almost a year now. You would never believe what a difference free time on the ice makes. Here is a video of Grace skating casually around the rink and Caitlin joins her for a bit. She reminds me of a little adult enjoying a casual skate. They love skating for the camera. I'll show Mitchell playing hockey a bit later on. You won't believe how he zings around the rink.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Quilt group

About a month ago, I was invited to attend a Friday daytime quilt group. It's a group of about a dozen girls all around my age, some younger, a few older. Basically those who can, meet at a different host's house at 10am on Friday morning. Talk is about kids, quilting, food, quilting, weather, quilting. Today I went for the 2nd time. I took some fabric that a nice friend gave me to make a jungle quilt for Patience's baby. Patience told me this summer, she wanted jungly theme for the baby room. I couldn't figure out how to put a quilt together with this lovely donated quilt. Today, I took out the fabric and within 5 minutes, I had lots of input on what to do, and voila, I have a plan. So next week, I'll start that. I also learned that you can watch quilting videos on the internet. Who knew.. This afternoon, I watched a Simply Quilts episode that had these amazing floating leaves using a discharge method.. neat, neat, neat.

Yesterday, we had a really full and busy day. Mert made spaghetti sauce and now we have 6 easy meals. We made 2 fruitcakes - one light and one dark. They're all wrapped up and sent to the coldroom for a month or two... I finished 2 table runners for Carrie. One is quilted using Royal Albert's Old Country Roses fabric and the other is plain using the fabric from her roman blind.

My Guild newsletter is 99% done. It's gone to the proof-reader for a final once over. Then this weekend, it's photocopy, stamp, stuff, and drop in the post office box.

For the Rememberance Day, we're going to have a Turkey Dinner on Sunday. All the kids will be here... 12 around the table.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kitchen update - Step 1

It's so nice to get things. My sister sent up some cabbage rolls and home made grape jelly with Terry who was on his way to Ontario. She also sent more juicebags so I'm well stocked now.

I'm so excited about our kitchen update. Terry and Mert hung my new kitchen light over the dining room table. I really like it. Next week we get our new countertops and dishwasher. This whole thing started because about a month ago, our dishwasher broke (or we thought it did). When we installed the hardwood a few years ago, we blocked in the dishwasher, so the only way to get it out was to lift the floor, or lift the countertops. We decided to lift the countertop and use this as an opportunity for a kitchen update. Lights up. Later this week, new knobs for the doors, and drawers. We pickup the new Maytag dishwasher (promisses to be quieter) Then later next week, installation of the new dishwasher and countertops. Today, for the heck of it, we tried the dishwasher, .. it works. Oh, well. It's 17 years old and we're so into the update, that it's going one way or another. Anyone want a 17 year old almond color dishwasher that works sometimes.

Terry left bright and early this morning and he was going to drop in to my Aunt Angeline's in Quebec City. I put together this little bag of goodies for her. This is a screen bag... the black transparent part in the middle is screen (yes, like on your screen door). Actually the whole bag is screen, but the bottom and top parts are covered with a cat fabric. In the bag, I put sugar free chocolate, a stash of juicebags, a kit of the same coffee/cat fabric in to make herself a matching travel/cosmetic bag. I hope she likes the bag of goodies. I know I love it when people send me surprise care packages. It's usually just my sister..

Left to do today, are 2 Christmas friutcakes, 1 light and 1 dark; a 4.5k run; finsh off Carrie's table runner with the left over roller blind fabric; purchase yarn for baby Aurora's sweater; list the old kitchen light on kijiji and to complete our Quilt Guild Newsletter. Tomorrow is a fun/rest day.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mini, Mini, Mini Quilts

This past weekend we had a Mini Quilt show that featured 30 mini quilts from Ontario's Henny Bremner... It was so inspiring. Our guild is going to have a mini class in March, and I'm going to be the first in line to sign up for the class. I can't seem to add another photo yet. I'll have to ask my experienced sister how do do that on blogger.

On Sunday Mert and I went to Moncton. We took Jessica and Emily to see the BEE movie. It was really cute. The bee was gradutating from school and got all "B"s. A Perfect Score!!

And we also hung Carrie's Roman Blind for the kitchen. She picked out really funky fabric. Her kitchen looks so nice with this curtain and her patio door curtain.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1- My first Blog

Well, everyone has one. So I've been thinking about starting a blog too. Today, I thought. November 1... Let's do a blog.

I really enjoy looking at others blogs, especially quilters, and sewers. Today is November 1. The day after a very slow halloween. Only 12 people showed up. I had candy for 100. My hubby and I ate about 30 of the chocolate bars, so I picked up a bag of 150 feet shaped suckers. We gave away 20 at the most. The best little goblins came at suppertime. Grace, Mitchell and Caitlin.

I'm making a list of sewing projects that I've started in the past few weeks that I need to complete before I start any new. But then last night, I saw this little Sewing Machine Mat that is just darling. I can easily come up with 2.5" quilt scraps to sew this. I should be able to whip up in an hour... I might do that today this afternoon - or maybe I'll just organize myself to sew it tomorrow. This afternoon, I need to work on Carrie's roman blind for her kitchen. It should be so cute. Mert and I are going to Moncton on Sunday to install it. I'll take a pic.
Later this afternoon, I'm going to tutor the husband of one of my quilter friends. He loves technology and has an Ipod Nano. I think he relies on his out of town son for help, but he hasn't made much progress, so this afternoon we're having our 3rd lesson. At our last lesson, I left him with homework. For today, he was to make playlists for all the music that was dumped into his music library since he got the nano. Some 200 titles, but no playlists. He was also to go through his digital pictures and identify some nice directories to put on his nano.
When we have our last tutoring session - probably next week - I'll have his wife take a picture of us and our nanos. Mine is green and his is blue.