Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1- My first Blog

Well, everyone has one. So I've been thinking about starting a blog too. Today, I thought. November 1... Let's do a blog.

I really enjoy looking at others blogs, especially quilters, and sewers. Today is November 1. The day after a very slow halloween. Only 12 people showed up. I had candy for 100. My hubby and I ate about 30 of the chocolate bars, so I picked up a bag of 150 feet shaped suckers. We gave away 20 at the most. The best little goblins came at suppertime. Grace, Mitchell and Caitlin.

I'm making a list of sewing projects that I've started in the past few weeks that I need to complete before I start any new. But then last night, I saw this little Sewing Machine Mat that is just darling. I can easily come up with 2.5" quilt scraps to sew this. I should be able to whip up in an hour... I might do that today this afternoon - or maybe I'll just organize myself to sew it tomorrow. This afternoon, I need to work on Carrie's roman blind for her kitchen. It should be so cute. Mert and I are going to Moncton on Sunday to install it. I'll take a pic.
Later this afternoon, I'm going to tutor the husband of one of my quilter friends. He loves technology and has an Ipod Nano. I think he relies on his out of town son for help, but he hasn't made much progress, so this afternoon we're having our 3rd lesson. At our last lesson, I left him with homework. For today, he was to make playlists for all the music that was dumped into his music library since he got the nano. Some 200 titles, but no playlists. He was also to go through his digital pictures and identify some nice directories to put on his nano.
When we have our last tutoring session - probably next week - I'll have his wife take a picture of us and our nanos. Mine is green and his is blue.

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dp said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging... I will add you to my links... The kids are adorable, your halloween sounds like mine, as far as not many kids, and too much candy left over!!!
Ipods... a wonderful thing...