Monday, November 5, 2007

Mini, Mini, Mini Quilts

This past weekend we had a Mini Quilt show that featured 30 mini quilts from Ontario's Henny Bremner... It was so inspiring. Our guild is going to have a mini class in March, and I'm going to be the first in line to sign up for the class. I can't seem to add another photo yet. I'll have to ask my experienced sister how do do that on blogger.

On Sunday Mert and I went to Moncton. We took Jessica and Emily to see the BEE movie. It was really cute. The bee was gradutating from school and got all "B"s. A Perfect Score!!

And we also hung Carrie's Roman Blind for the kitchen. She picked out really funky fabric. Her kitchen looks so nice with this curtain and her patio door curtain.

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dp said...

I would love to see some close up pictures of her quilts. How cute. I have a book on mini paper pieced quilts, and I tried one, and the fabric was not the best, and therefore things just didn't line up right. But I will look for my book and try another maybe!