Friday, November 16, 2007

Kitchen Update - Step 3

Well, the countertop is in. That involved removing the old dishwasher, the sink, taps, and the stove, then removing the countertop, then reversing the process. Install dishwasher, cut holes in the countertop for the sink and stove. It was a difficult removal and install, but it's done. The laminite on the island has been removed but the island still needs some preparation work before the new laminate can be put on. Mert put the new chocolate brown knobs on the doors. I like them. So, besides the Island and Desk laminate to be installed, all we have to do is the backsplash to put on (wallpaper that looks like tile) then it will look nice. Now I don't like the look of the white toaster. So we might get a new stainless 2 slice. We've always had a 4 slice toaster, but I don't know why. I only ever have 1 slice and never at the same time as Mert. So, we're downsizing to a 2 slice model. The frilly curtains have to go too.

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