Friday, November 9, 2007

Quilt group

About a month ago, I was invited to attend a Friday daytime quilt group. It's a group of about a dozen girls all around my age, some younger, a few older. Basically those who can, meet at a different host's house at 10am on Friday morning. Talk is about kids, quilting, food, quilting, weather, quilting. Today I went for the 2nd time. I took some fabric that a nice friend gave me to make a jungle quilt for Patience's baby. Patience told me this summer, she wanted jungly theme for the baby room. I couldn't figure out how to put a quilt together with this lovely donated quilt. Today, I took out the fabric and within 5 minutes, I had lots of input on what to do, and voila, I have a plan. So next week, I'll start that. I also learned that you can watch quilting videos on the internet. Who knew.. This afternoon, I watched a Simply Quilts episode that had these amazing floating leaves using a discharge method.. neat, neat, neat.

Yesterday, we had a really full and busy day. Mert made spaghetti sauce and now we have 6 easy meals. We made 2 fruitcakes - one light and one dark. They're all wrapped up and sent to the coldroom for a month or two... I finished 2 table runners for Carrie. One is quilted using Royal Albert's Old Country Roses fabric and the other is plain using the fabric from her roman blind.

My Guild newsletter is 99% done. It's gone to the proof-reader for a final once over. Then this weekend, it's photocopy, stamp, stuff, and drop in the post office box.

For the Rememberance Day, we're going to have a Turkey Dinner on Sunday. All the kids will be here... 12 around the table.

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