Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ohh, winter is coming!

Well it's snowing lightly today. I need to get my run in before it gets windy. I put my sneekers on, long sleeve shirt and shell, hat and gloves on. Got my ipod ready and started and off I go. I didn't even get to the of court and down I went. I slipped on an ice patch hidden by the light whispy snow. I didn't hurt myself..(I have a lot of padding back there) but I'm so scared of falling and really hurting myself. I really need to figure out where I'm going to run for the winter. Patience thinks she has come up with a solution at her gym. We'll see if that works. So we're off to the Orena for a FAST walk on the indoor track (they don't allow running).

Knitting - Thanks to the long bus ride to New York, and back, I have the back and half the front done so far for Baby A's little sweater aran sweater. It's so small and cute. We had an ultrasound for Baby A yesterday. She's a whopping 1800 grams at 30 weeks. That's about 4 pounds. Man, she's going to be a big one. We saw her face and I think she has Patience's little nose... but can you really tell in the ultrasounds... What neat technology.

Grampa Ernie birthday is on Saturday December 1. I put his present in the courier today. I'll be delivered to my sister Donna's school tomorrow. He's going to be 78 years old.

Tomorrow with my Friday quilt group, we're making Christmas placemats for the Veterans and the Meals on Wheels deliveries over the holidays. I'm not one to buy Christmas fabric, but I bought a nice little bunch to bring to the group. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Here's a nice Christmas picture of Grace, Mitchell and Caitlin that their dad took last week. I think he's pretty good with the camera, don't you think!!

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dp said...

They are soooo sweet. Your a lucky gramma.
We start back on Sunday with our videos and weights.. so I am so excited to be getting back on track. I understand your concern about running outside. It will only be for 4 months, and then you will be back on the ground again!! Keep up the great work