Thursday, April 23, 2020

Operation: Isolation

A few notes I've made regarding the making of the isolation gowns.  This short video shows you  the prototype gown that Marj Deveau made using the adjusted pattern.  Adjustments were made in order to use the colorful broadcloth. The hems and finishes are not done on this prototype. 
  • Notice the two part sleeve.   
  • Notice the encased elastic at the wrist.  The sleeves are long enough for those with longer arms.  
  • Only the front of the gown has a scooped neckline and will need to be finished before stitching to the back pieces.   
  • Notice how the back pieces overlap to give good coverage.  
  • The gown length has been made 4" longer for better coverage.   
  • Two sets of twill tape ties will be added to the back section.  They will be positioned neck and mid section while keeping the overlap.    If you don't get twill tape for the ties in your supply packet,  it's because there wasn't enough of the 3/4" tape.   Please use the tie making directions from the Instruction sheet.

Here is a sample of how you might want to finish your front neckline. 
  (And if you've forgotten how to make bias tape, click here for a short YouTube video.)  

Using a 1.25" Bias length, press in half. 
Stitch to the wrong side of the neckline.
Clip curves, and press over to the right side, then top stitch.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Signature Cunard Luxury fruit scones recipe

Signature Cunard scone recipe.
Afternoon Tea
17 oz Plain Flour
1 oz Baking Powder
4.5 oz Diced Butter
3 oz Powdered Sugar
4 Eggs
4.5 fl oz Whole Milk
2 oz Golden Raisins

This recipe makes 12 scones.
 Take the flour, baking powder, butter and
   powdered sugar to breadcrumb stage by
  either rubbing, or using a paddle on a mixer
 Add the golden raisins, mix again
 Add three of the eggs and the milk, and
  mix well
 Pat down on a lightly floured surface until
 Leave to rest for five minutes
 Roll out to 2cm thick, turning after each push
   to even the tension in the dough
 Cut the scone mix out and place onto a
   paper-lined tray
 Using the final egg, eggwash with the yolk
 Bake at 350°F for approximately 12 minutes
Serve with freshly-brewed tea and delicate finger sandwiches, and perhaps some relaxing music, for that familiar Cunard feel. And for a bit more Afternoon Tea inspiration, including some ‘teatime tidbits’ from across the Cunard fleet, click on the link below. Happy baking!