Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Bride vs The Black Flies

At the cottage, late May and early June are the worst for the black flies.  It would be easy to stay indoors, but there's raking and lots of yard work to be done.  

I with an old bucket hat, and some left over wedding toule, I fashioned a hat sort of like a bee keepers hat.   I made two.   With the excess veil tucked into the front of my sweater, and wearing long pants and gloves, we got to work.

The veiled bucket hats worked great.  The black flies warmed like crazy while we raked an trimmed trees.   But not one found their way inside the veil.

These are a keeper!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Needs Beads!!

A bunch of little pouches headed for Nova Scotia in two weeks.   Just one more thing to add.  Beaded zipper pulls...   cute eh!

Monday, May 23, 2016

I Designed a Row!

I had some fun recently designing Diane's Row for the up coming Row by Row summer promotion.  It starts on June 21st.    Home Sweet Home is the theme this year.  Shops were to design a row that features something that makes their town unique.  Diane chose the Boyce Market.  We all know what a special place that is.   The Boyce Market folks were pleased that she chose them to feature.

Once she made the decision, I was off to the races. I had lots of ideas and landed on this simple idea. I ended up using the market logo as a starting point.  I really like it and it was colorful.   I used a piece of the special row by row fabric in the design. It's portrays a community of shops and homes.  And right in the middle of it, is the Market.   A Saturday morning sunrise is the perfect start for visit to the market!

We shared the design and a photo of finished row with The Boyce Market folks last week.  They loved it.  They want a wall hanging for their office!!!

Do you like it?   It can be seen in Diane's shop, Country Crafts and Curtains on York Street in downtown Fredericton.

You will be able to get the free pattern starting on June 21 by going to the shop!!   Check out all the other NB shops participating here.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bus Blankets

The triplets are going on a school bus trip to Quebec City this week.  They'll be leaving at 5:30 am sharp and they will stay for a few days.    For their trip I made them some cool sleep pants made from quilters flannel.   The girls pants have two different fabrics while Mitchell's has a grey chevron.  They are so soft and have a fun drawstring closure.       I also used up some excess fleece to make blankets that they can snuggle under on the bus.   I call them bus blankets.   These were really quick to make up.   Their initial was traced onto wonder under, and then pressed that to brushed cotton plaid.  Then the initials were cut out, then pressed lightly on the fleece.  Zig zagged around the letter will make sure it stays. I didn't even feel the need to hem the edges of the blanket.    
Have a great trip kids.      

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pepper Creek Delight - Opening Soon

The kids with their aprons.  And with their tea towels
tucked in their apron ties to wipe their hands on.  

Our little entrepreneur grandchildren will be opening their ice cream scooping business this weekend.   As you know from my previous apron posts, it's called Pepper Creek Delight.  it's located right beside the convenience store in the Pepper Creek Plaza.   We couldn't be prouder.   So you probably know this wouldn't happen with out the hard work of their amazing parents.   The kids have made decisions all along the process.  Decisions regarding, ice cream suppliers, the design of their sign, the color of their aprons, the design of their facebook page, the ice cream flavors that they will open with.   Their landlord also deserves a big round of applause for giving the kids a break on the rent.

I hope to see you Saturday, May 21 at  1 pm to 8 pm.

The Girls
The Boys

Caitlin displays their Ice Cream Flavors

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cute Flowers

I have a request to make six little flower pencil case sized pouches.  So today, I've been working  on giving these little flowers some  personality.   Next week, they will be finished up into cute zipped pouches and ready to head to Nova Scotia.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Aprons Fit

The aprons fit.  The triplets are modelling them.   There is another friend and a helper who will be working at the ice cream shop too.  It's kind of exciting.  The sign is being installed on Monday.   The supplies are starting to roll in.   The big freezer is in.  The Ice Cream will be here in 10 days.   

It's kind of funny... the kids were choosing ice cream flavors based on what their friends have been telling them, as well as their personal favorites.   The ice cream supplier suggested they order a couple of flavors for the old folks.   Maple Walnut, grape-nut and orange Pineapple.     My first thought was, "OLD FOLKS"?.....  hmmm,........ And my second thought was, "What flavors are the young ones eating now?"    Gesh..   I my day, it was vanilla and chocolate.  Maple Walnut was an upgrade...haha..  

So tell me your old favorite and your new favorite.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Aurora Braids

Aurora was here for a visit this  past weekend.  It had been almost five months since I'd seen her.   I was excited for her visit.  Man, she grew a few inches in such a short time.  She came with me to the Ville and I knew she would be a big help.   She loved exploring the old school and was helpful to Connie and I by bringing things back and forth to the Sewing Room.  Some of the quilting visitors at the Ville this weekend knew her because they have been reading my blog and have seen many photos of her and all the goings on...  

A new craft for her was braiding Kumihimo.   I had brought her back a kit from Florida.   Here she is in one of her new cupcake of PJ's braiding.  She said that some of her friends have done this before so she was familiar with it.  She picked it up in no time.   Notice the little friendship bracelet on her arm.   She's working on a second one here.  
When she comes for a longer visit in June, I will teach her how to add beads to her bracelet and I will have magnetic closures to bring those friendship bracelets to a new level.  She's looking forward to that. 

We spent early Sunday morning reviewing all my Aurora blogs since she was a baby.  She loved watching the videos and now that she can read, she is now getting a bit of context around the photos.        And finally, what's a visit to Grammie's house without waffle fingers for breakfast.        I loved having her for a couple of days.    

Monday, May 2, 2016

Little Black Aprons x 5

I had some time yesterday afternoon so I though I'd give my new sewing machine a workout.   Each of the 5 kids chose a color to have their embroidery.   So the main embroidery is done.  Whew, it took the better part of the afternoon.  

Today, I'll be stitching out their names on a piece of black scrap and then auditioning the placement/position of their name on the apron.   Once I get that done, it's a matter of simply finishing off the raw edges, and adding the neck strap, and the ties.   I just love those colors...
In a week or so, I hope to have a photo for you of all 5 kids wearing their aprons.  

The countdown is on.   The Grand Opening of Pepper Creek Delight is scheduled for May 21st.