Monday, May 2, 2016

Little Black Aprons x 5

I had some time yesterday afternoon so I though I'd give my new sewing machine a workout.   Each of the 5 kids chose a color to have their embroidery.   So the main embroidery is done.  Whew, it took the better part of the afternoon.  

Today, I'll be stitching out their names on a piece of black scrap and then auditioning the placement/position of their name on the apron.   Once I get that done, it's a matter of simply finishing off the raw edges, and adding the neck strap, and the ties.   I just love those colors...
In a week or so, I hope to have a photo for you of all 5 kids wearing their aprons.  

The countdown is on.   The Grand Opening of Pepper Creek Delight is scheduled for May 21st.  

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