Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bus Blankets

The triplets are going on a school bus trip to Quebec City this week.  They'll be leaving at 5:30 am sharp and they will stay for a few days.    For their trip I made them some cool sleep pants made from quilters flannel.   The girls pants have two different fabrics while Mitchell's has a grey chevron.  They are so soft and have a fun drawstring closure.       I also used up some excess fleece to make blankets that they can snuggle under on the bus.   I call them bus blankets.   These were really quick to make up.   Their initial was traced onto wonder under, and then pressed that to brushed cotton plaid.  Then the initials were cut out, then pressed lightly on the fleece.  Zig zagged around the letter will make sure it stays. I didn't even feel the need to hem the edges of the blanket.    
Have a great trip kids.      

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MissesStitches said...

What a good grandma to make these blankets and sleep pants! A nice simple, Washable blanket is a good idea.