Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Aurora Braids

Aurora was here for a visit this  past weekend.  It had been almost five months since I'd seen her.   I was excited for her visit.  Man, she grew a few inches in such a short time.  She came with me to the Ville and I knew she would be a big help.   She loved exploring the old school and was helpful to Connie and I by bringing things back and forth to the Sewing Room.  Some of the quilting visitors at the Ville this weekend knew her because they have been reading my blog and have seen many photos of her and all the goings on...  

A new craft for her was braiding Kumihimo.   I had brought her back a kit from Florida.   Here she is in one of her new cupcake of PJ's braiding.  She said that some of her friends have done this before so she was familiar with it.  She picked it up in no time.   Notice the little friendship bracelet on her arm.   She's working on a second one here.  
When she comes for a longer visit in June, I will teach her how to add beads to her bracelet and I will have magnetic closures to bring those friendship bracelets to a new level.  She's looking forward to that. 

We spent early Sunday morning reviewing all my Aurora blogs since she was a baby.  She loved watching the videos and now that she can read, she is now getting a bit of context around the photos.        And finally, what's a visit to Grammie's house without waffle fingers for breakfast.        I loved having her for a couple of days.    

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