Friday, May 6, 2016

The Aprons Fit

The aprons fit.  The triplets are modelling them.   There is another friend and a helper who will be working at the ice cream shop too.  It's kind of exciting.  The sign is being installed on Monday.   The supplies are starting to roll in.   The big freezer is in.  The Ice Cream will be here in 10 days.   

It's kind of funny... the kids were choosing ice cream flavors based on what their friends have been telling them, as well as their personal favorites.   The ice cream supplier suggested they order a couple of flavors for the old folks.   Maple Walnut, grape-nut and orange Pineapple.     My first thought was, "OLD FOLKS"?.....  hmmm,........ And my second thought was, "What flavors are the young ones eating now?"    Gesh..   I my day, it was vanilla and chocolate.  Maple Walnut was an upgrade...haha..  

So tell me your old favorite and your new favorite.


Andrea R said...

Neapolitan all the way!

Chrisknits b said...

Orange Sherbet!! Vanilla Bean is always a standby. Pralines and Cream is a fancy choice.

Lee said...

Sharp aprons! I usually look for something coffee or mocha.

sheila said...

Cherry vanilla...hard to find so I go with anything with chocolate bits. Is this the shop that has been set up before beside the pepper creek plaza?

Dolores said...

Old favourite is butter pecan and new fav is Chapman's mango and rice (only because it's the most recent ice cream I ate.) I would love to have some mocha - if it exists.
Good luck to the young entrepreneurs.