Saturday, March 10, 2012

More small projects

I made a couple more projects in the last day or two. Both are small projects. 

This little pouch is intended as a loyalty card holder.    It looked so simple and it was.  It's a free pattern that is one piece.   After you cut it out, it takes about 5 minutes to sew.   I did extra stitching on the flap to hide the fact that I used Velcro as the closure.  It's cute. I like it.  I'm storing a bunch of embroidery needles in it for now. 

This is the other project.  It's called a Style File and was designed by Karen Montgomery.  The pattern was in the Quilts and More Spring 2008 magazine.  It is a zippered pouch with a pocket that will hold magazine sized books, or letter size papers.  With my limited stash, and left over fabric from the craft sale items, I pulled enough scraps to make it.  There are faint blue flowers in a bit of the front fabric, so I used a blue zipper from my new stash of zips.     The only change I would make to this project would be to add a wristlet type of strap.  I intended to do that, but forgot.   I will definitely make this project again, when I get home.
I have two more simple and small projects to make this weekend before I get started on finishing the pieced blocks that will surround my stitched snowmen blocks in my Winter Wonderland quilt.   


MissesStitches said...

I love these! I can't wait to try that smallest one. Great job. (Good way to hide the velcro, too! You are so sneaky. . . in a good way!)

Mirian Tereza said...

Amei o tutorial, vou seguir tudo como você ensinou. Muito obrigada.