Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luggage Tags

Well, this is the last of the crafts I'm making for the craft sale.   It's luggage tags using the tutorial that Linda H. and I did many years ago for Quilt Canada Nfld 2008 .  I've made dozens and dozens.   Have you made any? 

Girly Luggage Tags

A dozen tags for the craft sale

I have seen a lot of luggage tag tutorials online.  I still think that the one that Linda and I developed is the best.   I now do a couple of things differently.   I like making the tags in a "tag" shape.   To do this, I cut a tag shape cardboard template.  After layering the 2 pieces of fabric, the tag tail, and the interfacing, I trace the tag shape onto the heavy interfacing.    I sew on this line.

 I now cut the heavy interfacing without the seam allowance... so that would be 3.25" wide for this tag.  I stitch exactly on the edge of the interfacing.  It saves me from trimming the sides. 

Then everything else is the same.   Trim interfacing, trim  corners, turn inside out.  Then continue on with the pattern.


Linda H said...

Lookin' good Gail!! What are the temps like down there?

GailM. said...

It's 15C out on the beach, but on our protected open deck, it's 20. Perfect for laying out on the chair.

Abigail Schoorl said...

Those are cute, and I can't wait to make one! I hope you managed to sell a lot. My kids will definitely go crazy with the fabric!

Jannicke Tærud said...

Trying to find the full tutorial, but “page not found” keeps popping up... Any chance you could post it or send it to me by email? My address is
Thank you so much, and have a great summer :-)
Best regards, Jannicke