Monday, March 5, 2012

A Linen Agenda cover

I saw a sweet agenda cover on Pinterest.  It's linen with a pieced fabric stripe and uses a light batting.  I like the faint stitching lines.   As I was reading the directions and realized it would fit my MTM agenda perfectly. I decided to give it a try.   Well, let's call it a "prototype", because it didn't exactly come out right.    I used this pattern here.   But now that I know how easy it is to make, I will definitely try another. 

Here's what I would change.

Fabric:  I bought linen from a local home dec store.  It's too course.  I'll buy a piece of finer craft linen from the stitching section Michael's for my next try. 

Size:  The directions are for an A5 size which is 8.5 x 6".  It's a standard size.  Because my linen was course,  I wasn't so careful on the seam allowance which made the cover just a bit tight.  I cut 1/8th inch off the top and bottom of the front and back cardboard cover of my old "2011" agenda to get it to fit.  Actually I like that it's snug.  So, I'll make my next one 1/4" longer. 
Also,  If you look at the second picture, the front and back cover is slightly smaller than the calendar pages.  So, I'll make the next one just a half an inch wider. 

I like the project and now that I know how it goes together, I'll make my adjustments and make another...  It's at most, this is less than a 1 hour project. 

Maybe on the next rainy day.

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Lee said...

Nice cover. But I want to know if you took along a quilted piece just to be a pretty background for these pics! It's the second time I've noticed it - what is that and have we seen it before?