Thursday, March 1, 2012

My sweet needlecase

Last week I showed you a couple of my Peek-a-boo pouches that I made for a craft sale next month.

Well, I thought I would make a couple of needle cases to go with them. Well I've been thinking about what kind of small needle case I would make. I use a few needle cases for the various projects I'm working on, so with hand stitching in mind, I developed this little needle case for the auction. It will go with the pouch since I used some of the same fabrics. I like it.  Do you?

The pattern is loosely based on Nancy Halvoren's Posy wallet. You've seen me make many of these before.   This one is smaller and there's no posy.  It it is trifold and it has some different sized pockets with floss cards and needles in mind. Don't you think it's cute?

Unfold the first fold and this is where you would keep your threaded needles.  I usually thread three at a time.

Unfold again, and you have access to your scissors, felt pin cushion and four small pockets for floss cards or needle packages.
I will add a traced project and some floss for a great item for the Stepping Stones sale.  I wonder what kind of price this complete bundle would bring.  Any suggestions?


dp said...

so cute Gail... I love the needle holder too.. what a nice simple but fun design on the front...

Quilting Queen said...

What a neat idea...keep it under 20$ and you'll have a seller...I made one just a bit larger and sold it for 35$...not sure if you could call it a fluke or not..I haven't made any more since...hmmm..maybe I should.

Linda H said...

I agree, under $20.00 would almost surely guarantee a sale... Verrry cute!