Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Placemats with the Friday group.

I spent the morning making placemats with the Friday girls. The group doesn't have a name, so I just call them my Friday girls. One of the girls, Jen is in charge of the Quilt Guild's community project this year. One of the projects is to make quilty and Christmassy placemats that will be given to those who get meals on wheels over the holidays. We have over 100 members of the guild, and only 34 placemats were turned in at the last meeting. So the last day to turn them in is at our Christmas luncheon on the 11th. So, it sounds like the target is 100 placemats now to be used not only for meals on wheels, but the veterans too. This is a great project for the small day quilting groups to use as an excuse to sew together. So this morning our little group of 6 people made a dozen placemats. Jen, had to leave a bit early and took them with her before I could take a picture of them all, but we're getting together next Friday, so I'll see if she'll bring them for a photo. They're quite simple, but very festive and who doesn't like a placmat. Funny, you get 6 quilters working on a project and everyone has a different idea what size placemats should be... ha ha. We decided on 15" wide by 12" high.

While I was out this morning, Mert cleaned and started up the pellet stove. While it's Zero outside, it's a cozy 24ish in the family room. Residual heat floats out of the family room and goes upstairs. I love the warmth of the stove. He also primed the backsplash in the kitchen and we're ready to wallpaper - probably on Monday. The paper is a cafe like motif. I think it'll be a nice departure from the mock-tile wallpaper we've had for 17 years. Here is the wallpaper and the border. I'm not sure how I'm going to use the border, but it's cute. It has 3 or 4 different sets of words... Bake Shop, Pattiserie, Pie shop, etc. It's quite a narrow border, so I'm not sure how I'll apply it. Then, the kitchen will be done. I like it though, and I don't think it's too country. This was the first time I ordered wallpaper out of a book. It's much more expensive that just purchasing from the local inventory at the paint store. I didn't find near as much selection as I have in the past.

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