Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kitchen update - Step 1

It's so nice to get things. My sister sent up some cabbage rolls and home made grape jelly with Terry who was on his way to Ontario. She also sent more juicebags so I'm well stocked now.

I'm so excited about our kitchen update. Terry and Mert hung my new kitchen light over the dining room table. I really like it. Next week we get our new countertops and dishwasher. This whole thing started because about a month ago, our dishwasher broke (or we thought it did). When we installed the hardwood a few years ago, we blocked in the dishwasher, so the only way to get it out was to lift the floor, or lift the countertops. We decided to lift the countertop and use this as an opportunity for a kitchen update. Lights up. Later this week, new knobs for the doors, and drawers. We pickup the new Maytag dishwasher (promisses to be quieter) Then later next week, installation of the new dishwasher and countertops. Today, for the heck of it, we tried the dishwasher, .. it works. Oh, well. It's 17 years old and we're so into the update, that it's going one way or another. Anyone want a 17 year old almond color dishwasher that works sometimes.

Terry left bright and early this morning and he was going to drop in to my Aunt Angeline's in Quebec City. I put together this little bag of goodies for her. This is a screen bag... the black transparent part in the middle is screen (yes, like on your screen door). Actually the whole bag is screen, but the bottom and top parts are covered with a cat fabric. In the bag, I put sugar free chocolate, a stash of juicebags, a kit of the same coffee/cat fabric in to make herself a matching travel/cosmetic bag. I hope she likes the bag of goodies. I know I love it when people send me surprise care packages. It's usually just my sister..

Left to do today, are 2 Christmas friutcakes, 1 light and 1 dark; a 4.5k run; finsh off Carrie's table runner with the left over roller blind fabric; purchase yarn for baby Aurora's sweater; list the old kitchen light on kijiji and to complete our Quilt Guild Newsletter. Tomorrow is a fun/rest day.

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Unknown said...

Oh the light looks really nice. I hope you like the cabbage rolls... they are "low" sodium.... kind of blah....