Monday, May 18, 2015

Back at my A - Z Blocks

While in Florida, I'd been reporting on Mondays, the progress on my A - Z blocks.   I ran out of some fabrics to complete the blocks.  Since I had more fabric at home, I decided to pack it up and knowing it would only take an hour or so to finish, I was ok with not searching for similar fabrics etc.
Well, I've been home from Florida for six weeks now.  It was my intent to have the A-Z blocks done long before this.  But It seems this just keep being put on the back burner. I'd like to get it done.  
So it's Monday. A good day to get back at it.  After a good hour of sorting  through my fabrics and pattern pieces this morning, I think the mojo is coming back.  I thought there was only one block left to do.  Turns out, there's three. U, W, X.     The U block pieces are now cut out.    All 28 of them!   Next, I'll be cutting out the W and the X.   

And tomorrow I will sew.      

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