Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Cooking!

I've been getting this free Kraft What's Cooking magazine quarterly for a long time.  They stopped taking subscriptions a few years ago, and I was so thankful to be one of their subscribers.    When the magazine came in the mail, I just loved looking at the common sense recipes and had big plans on what to cook out of it.  it would sit on my cupboard for days, maybe even weeks... and serve as inspiration for some meals when I was too tired to think...  I have magazines from back in 2002.  That's 13 years.   It's time to pare down.   
I use the Kraft What's Cooking website often and I know I can find any of the recipes online.  I really find that I'm heading to my computer more and more for recipes.   So these  magazines will be bundled up by year, and put into our quilt guild's yard-sale style silent auction in a couple of weeks.     I know who ever buys them, will be inspired for days and lucky will be the ones who are around for her cooking!!   

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