Monday, June 1, 2015

Tiny brushes from Lee Valley

Lee Valley brushes.  Just slightly longer than a spool of thread
My friend Lee went to Lee Valley a few weeks ago.   She bought  these tiny brushes. They came in 10 packs.   I had never seen them before.    She uses them to clean her sewing machine.  She gifted each of the Friday girls with a set at coffee last week.     

Perfect timing, since I'm lending my sewing machine to a friend today to sew a wallet, I thought I'd give the brushes a try.    I cleaned all around the feed dogs, in around the bobbin area and up around the top of the shank area.   I didn't realize how much lint can collect in such a small area.    These micro brushes worked fantastic.   Much better than the Q-tip solution I had been using before.     So that's one machine cleaned and now I'll give the other three a cleaning.  

Many thanks Lee!   It's a great gift and I'll get lots of use out of these.  

Look for the yellow brush.   The tiny brush attracts
the dust/lint like a magnet.

  Love these brushes.
Completely re-usable.


Lee said...

Big grin!

Stitch gal said...

I have used these brushes in the past and find them extremely beneficial. Problem is in ordering from Lee Valley online as the shipping costs were very high. Would be great if a group order was submitted and share shipping costs.

Linda H said...

I'm sure these little brushes are great! I have a different set of tiny brushes from Lee Valley that I use for cleaning the ports of my hummingbird feeder. Shaped like tiny bottle brushes, they do an excellent job. Anything from Lee Valley that I've ever had has been top notch!

Kathy said...

Lucy, I have used these brushes for years, and always order them when it is free shipping. Lee Valley has free shipping for several days 3-4 times / year! Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day for this season's free shipping...but, order then, you will be happy that you did!