Friday, June 19, 2015

A New Sewing Venue and making another Bionic Bag

The Friday Girls and I checked out a new sewing room venue this week.    It's a bright classroom at the old Marysville Elementary School.  The school is de-commissioned and is now being turned into a non-profit community center, called the Marysville Center.  

The room has lots of plugs, which is always a concern for sewing workshops.     We sewed and talked about what would be needed to make this room attractive for sewers to work in.  There are big cork boards on one wall.  Great for design wall purposes.   There are chalkboards at the front of the class.   Bright windows to give beautiful light.   Windows that open to give fresh air.    A nice place to sew.
We are the first class in "The Sewing Room" at the Marysville Center
Photo taken by Building Manager, Jeff.
Jeff and the other staff were so helpful.

We sewed the Bionic Bag.  This is my second and I love the fabric combination that I chose.  Darker on the outside, lighter on the inside.  Seems to be my style, because that is how I do wallets too.    I bought the fabric in Florida this past winter, just to make this bag.  

Today, I'll be transferring all my thread and notions from the old bag into the new bag.      I will use it lots this summer.

I'll have it packed with the items I use daily, so I can easily take it to the cottage on the weekends.   I have a sewing machine there, and on cool, or damp, or buggy mornings, I like to sew a bit.

Soon I will make the little zippered dumpling bag and the needle case to go with it.

I'll give the first bag that I made to my sister.  She doesn't go to sewing workshops, but I know she'll find a use for it.

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Sandi said...

Nice job on your bionic gear bag, I just love mine. I'm amazed with all I can pack into it! Enjoy using your new one.