Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's warm Mr. Alligator

It's been warm this week.  After a cool February, everyone is out catching a few rays by the pool.  Even the alligators.   I was telling my grandkids this week about all the gators, so I thought I'd show them.    This guy is about six feet long and live in a pond behind our house.   It looks like I'm close to the gator, but I'm not.  I have a nice zoom on my good camera.   

He is up on the bank here.  Not far from the water
He is a spectacle and all the neighbours are taking photos 

This is a view of the back of our home away from home.   I was standing near
the alligator's home pond. no zoom.   About 100 yards away from our place.
He's too hot.  He needs just a bit of refreshing water!!
When he's had enough of the commotion, he
slithers into the comfort of his  algae infested pond.


Linda H said...

He looks like a fine fellow.... As long as you don't get too close!

paulette said...

How cool is that!!!