Monday, March 23, 2015

Tutorial - How to make a Gift box for your wallet.

You've made your fabulous wallet.  
Now you might want to make a pretty gift box for it.

Using the directions that follow, you will be scoring
a scrapbook size piece of cardstock.  Then trimming,
folding, and securing with glue or tape.

Start with a 12 x 12" cardstock weight paper.
Set the cardstock on point, on your cutting mat.
You will also need a long ruler and a scoring tool
(an old nail file in my case).
(other scoring tools could be a small pointed knitting needle, or
a non-serrated butter knife)

Diagonally, line up all 4 of your cardstock corners so
they are exactly on an inch mark.    Set your ruler edge
exactly 2-1/8" from the imaginary center line.

Using your scoring tool, firmly press along edge of the ruler
making sure that the ruler does not move.

Now, carefully slide your ruler over to the right 3-5/8" from
the imaginary center line.
Now repeat these same 2 scores on the opposite side.

Turn your cardstock 90 degrees to do the  wider scores.
Place the edge of your ruler 4-1/8" from the center. Score
Move  ruler to the right 5-5/8"  from the center line.   Score
Repeat these 2 scores on the other side.

I have penciled in where my scores are so you can see better
About the center of each of your 4 sides, you will notice 2 little triangles.

With a small pair of scissors, cut out the 2 triangles
on all 4 sides.  8 triangles in total..

To the flaps:  On the short ends, cut in from one of the triangles
to the score mark.  Do this on both short ends.

Carefully, crease all your folds.

Fold up each short end and you will put a bit of glue
on each flap.  Then fold up the other sides and clip or hold
until the glue dries.  

I am holding the flap for 10-15 second
while the glue takes.  Do this for all 4 flaps.
(or better yet, use double sided tape)

I had not glued all 4 flaps in this picture,
but please imagine that they are glued.
Fold the top of the box in place.  You will notice it's a tad
bit longer that it needs to be.  

With a small pair of scissors, round or square off all four
corners about a half an inch.  

You can orient your box like this by
securing two small bottom tabs and
securing the lower flap to the sides.

You can orient your gift box like this
by securing all 4 small tabs.


kim dever thibodeaux said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to try it.

Regina said...

Thanks so much Gail for sharing this with us! Muah!

zeb312 said...

Thank you ♡ This is so cool!

Kathy said...

Thanks! Gail!
When I get my sisters' wallets finished, ready to give, I will box them with these great directions!
Thanks for the tutorial.😃
Ps great Sew Instruction class today😌😵

Debra Henke said...

I am on my 7th wallet. There will be a lot of lucky girls in my family! I so enjoyed your class at Heartfelt and am looking forward to next years classes. This will be a cute package for the wallets I've made. Thanks again, your a great instructor!
Debbie Henke