Monday, March 9, 2015

Dumplings anyone?

I quickly finished up this little prototype dumpling bag to go with my Bionic Gear bag.   The nice thing about this little zip bag is that it sits like a bowl when opened.  When closed it has the shape of a dumpling.  It's quite cute.    
Cute little dumpling bag.  It's only about 2 inches high.

It sits open  to hold your clips or other little necessities.
The next time, I'll use the lighter fabric on the inside
so I can see my trinkets easier..:)

See how my little dumpling fits nicely in the tray.

My keeper bionic bag will be made from these main fabrics.
I have a kit made up ready to take home.
Watch for that in April or May!!


Lee said...

Can't wait to see these in person!

Sandi said...

Love your dumpling bag Gail, I agree on the idea of a lighter inside. That is what I'm planning for mine. I think you should keep them both for different uses. Are you going to make the little fabric bowl? I'm going to use it as a thread catcher.

Linda H said...

"Dumpling" bag.. too cute!!

Kathy said...

You and your zippers! Perfect every time!!

MissesStitches said...

Is there a pattern for the dumpling bag? It is so very cute!