Friday, March 21, 2008

Shells and more Shells

The kids got their packages in the mail this week and Grampie's job was to collect shells to send to the kids. He made 3 packages for the triplets but miscounted and one bag had more shells in it than the others. So we sent him out to get more shells. He goes out every day. He only gets the very best shells that are not broken too much. This is the catch for the past 3 days. He even got a couple of starfish. There were jelly fish too but they don't dry so well... :). So he'll give Caitlin and Grace a chance to take the amount they were missing from their package that was mailed then he'll let them divide up the rest into 3 bunches and give Mitchell first pick at the remaining bunches. We're getting Caitlin and Mitchell a sand-dollar but we haven't found any yet... so we'll keep looking. Grace can have one of the starfish.

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dp said...

That is amazing. They are beautiful shells. What a cool place you are. The kids will love those. I have a basket of shells in my bathroom that we collected from the south shore near Yarmouth but they are not nearly as nice as those.!