Saturday, March 8, 2014

BOM - Applique done.

I had been putting it off the applique for my BOM blocks.  Fear helped me to procrastinate. Yesterday, I had the black thread out and had decided to use it instead of the colored thread...   But since I had the blue thread in the machine, I tried it on the practice piece.  You know, I didn't mind the look of the blue applique.  
The colored applique doesn't show that much.  When you look really close, its visible, but when you are looking from a few feet away, it's hardly noticeable and just adds a hint of color.    
I now have all the January, February and March blocks appliqued in various colors.  I'm waiting now for the April blocks.  Of course, I'll be home in  my own sewing room by the time I'm ready to sew them.

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Lee said...

Maybe a bit of practice on a curved one might take the last of the hesitation away. I had the same feeling when I needed to get my free-motion quilting started at guild workday. I think it was almost lunch before I put thread into the "real" quilt. I think it's the perfectionist curse, you know?