Saturday, June 11, 2016

ABC Quilt almost finished!

It's on  my ironing board just getting the last few touches.    I was gung ho to do this in a year when Janet Stone's Block of the Month came out on the Quilt show in 2014 I think.  I kept up with the fast pace for six months.   Then Summer hit.  Once I got stopped, it was hard to pick it back up again.  But I did continue in the fall and got the center blocks done almost a year ago.    The borders have been been hanging on my banister for a year.   In my mind, it's officially a UFO.    

Well, I've been picking away at it this week.   Little by little it's coming along.  I'm quite excited at how great it looks....   I've been having this conversation with my self.  Do I? or Don't I?  

I really want to quilt it myself, but I have so many other things I want to get started on, I think I've decided to send it out.      So I'll show it to you again after it's been quilted.  


Sandi said...

Congrats, it looks lovely.

Betsy said...

It's stunning!

Donna Peters said...

Oh Gail, its awesome... its a beautiful piece of Art