Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mama and baby

Today, we played with the camera a bit. Little Aurora has a natural grin. We know she's not smiling on purpose yet, but she gets these little smirks that are just adorable.
Today, we're sorta in a routine. Feedings are regular, poops and pees are regular. I got some sewing done. I made 4 receiving blankets, 4 burpies, 2 fleece blankets, and sorted out some fabric. I haven't sewed in a week, so today felt good.
Tomorrow, we go help the triplets at the rink. They're skating with their kindergarden class. The triplets can skate but the rest of the class needs help. After skating, I'm going to work for a run in the Gym. Then we're getting ready for my Friday Quilter ladies to come over for coffee on Friday. They will be the first ones to meet our dear little Aurora. The baby shower is set for Sunday from 2 to 4. We're looking forward to that.


dp said...

Patience has such a nice smile and Aurora is looking straight at her... sooooooo cute.
I wish I could be at the baby shower.... boo hoo

dp said...

OK, MORE Pictures....