Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We're home. The 26 hour (3 day) drive was pretty uneventful. We had a bit of rain/drizzle for an hour yesterday but it was manageable. I did sudoku and operated the GPS and hubby did all the driving. We love our GPS. It took us on a different route that avoided a busy city in Connecticut. It was a breeze and we'll do it again next year. We saw many Canadian cars heading north. Snowbirds..

We arrived home mid-afternoon today to sunshine but cool weather. The grass is getting green, it may even need to be mowed in another week. It's cool. We may put a little fire on the wood stove this evening just to help us acclimate to the cooler weather.
The house is just as we left it.. well, except for the dust, which has settled nicely on the surfaces while we were gone. But still it's good to be home in our own digs. We love our big TV. We just realized we missed it while we were gone. We are looking forward to sleep in our own bed tonight. The first night in 60 days.

We had poached Atlantic salmon for supper, with asparagus and whipped potatoes. We haven't had that in two months. Tomorrow, Habitant French Pea Soup! Boy I missed that.

My entertainment this evening is reading recent issues of Canadian Living, and Best Health, and Cooks Magazine. Hubby has already gone through the bills and weeded out what needs to be paid... (almost forgot about the house tax bills coming out last month) yuk.

Still, it's good go be home!


MissesStitches said...

Welcome home! I know how good it feels to get back home again.

Linda H said...

Welcome Home Gail. Nice to know you are back safely!

Quilting Queen said...

Good to know your journey was a safe one. GPS IS fun when you are the navigator and not the driver. Dust...dust! what's that?

dp said...

Welcome home. There is NO PLACE like home, no matter where you were!

Anonymous said...

Another welcome home to add to the others. May not get to see you on Friday as I have to work. Linda G