Friday, April 30, 2010

Tri-Recs Table Runner

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I wanted to use my 2 year old Tri-Recs rulers for the first time. I was going to do a simple project that had Tri Recs blocks in it.

Inspired by Joanne at Threadhead's Tri-Recs Show and tell and just going by one of her pictures, I began calculating and cutting fabrics.
I finished the block components and then calculated the cuts for the side setting triangles.
Thinking that I had everything ready, and referring to Joanne's runner,
I laid out the blocks to make sure that everything was right. I realized that forgot to cut corner triangles.
And all those calculations, I ended up with one extra set of tri-recs points.
Yesterday I finished sewing the blocks together and put the borders on. I really like this runner, and I am so glad I finally learned how to use the Tri Recs. thanks Joanne.
Next week, I'll be machine quilting many small projects that I've been piecing over the past few weeks, including this runner.


Joanne said...

So beautiful!! Good for you!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work again - you are so good at selecting fabric colors. Can't wait to see the quilting. Lucy

dp said...

holy... frig... sooooo cute

Karen said...

Lovely, Gail - your colour choices for this piece really show off the design.

Mary said...

Very pretty, I'm sure I have a set around here somewhere that i've never used but I think they have a GO die now to piece these so if I ever decide to make a quilt with one of these stars, I'll probably buy the die.