Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a Happy Angel!

Today Caitlin came for a visit after school today.  We knew we'd be working on her Halloween costume.  She really wanted to be an Angel.  When she was shopping with her Mom last week, they found these beautiful wings and halo.  So, all we had to do today was make her an Angel Robe and a pretty Sash.   I bought fabric yesterday, but it turns out, we didn't have enough... so off we went to Fabricville again today to buy more fabric.   Caitlin was very specific and wanted the long pointy sleeves on her robe.  And she wanted the nice diamond shape on her pink Sash.   We got all the cutting out and pinning together done before supper.  After supper, we used the serger to sew up the robe quickly.  Then we worked on the sash and fitting it with and without a big sweater under.  It's hard to plan for the weather.  It might be cold on Halloween evening, but it might be moderate too.  But the sash will fit either way now.   Don't you think she's going to look adorable for her Halloween party and for going out trick or treating.
One Happy Angel
Doesn't Caitlin look like such a cute Angel


Karen said...

Adorable; that halo looks like it belongs there!

MissesStitches said...

Great job on the costumes! It looks like you are Costume Central this year!