Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look who's turning 9 today!

Today, the triplets turn 9 years old.  They're such beautiful children.  They've developed their individual interests and it's going to be hard getting the three of them in the same picture this year.  The girls are having a birthday party at Michaels Craft store with 10 of their closest friends.    And at the same time, Mitchell is having a curling party at the curling club with 7 of his closest friends.   Grammie - thats me - and Grampie are going to help out at each of the venues... Don't both parties sound fun!!

Here is a little trip down birthday memory lane.

1 Year old Triplets

3 year old triplets

5 Year old Triplets

Triplets 6 years old
8 Years old - At Disneyland for their birthday

Happy 9th Birthday kiddos.


dp said...

wow... happy birthday to those little peanuts! I can't believe it... 9 years!

Linda H said...

Hope you all have great FUN today. Happy Birthday to the triplets!

moosestashquilting said...

Triplets!! - someone has had their hands full! More to love!

Renea said...

Love these pictures. Brings memories back to when my triplets were this age. (Mine are 25, 2 are married, 1 has a baby girl and 1 has a little one expected in May.) Enjoy these little ones as the time goes by way to fast.