Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Beijing Weather

Later today, we leave for Toronto to catch our 13 hour flight China tomorrow.   The next two weeks has us touring highlights of China such as the Terracotta Warriers, the Great Wall of China, the Three Gorges Dam,  The Panda Bears, visiting a silk factory and much much more.

We are so excited and nervous, but having the beautiful sunshine predicted over the next couple of weeks, sure has us warming up and relaxing a bit.  

I'll try to post some highlights along the way.


Linda H said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip Gail! Safe travels!

dp said...

I will be watching your itinerary each day and wondering how it is all going! xxoo

Michelle Matheson said...

Absolutely cannot wait to hear all about it and see pics! Share as often as you can!

Karen said...

Gail you are living the dream. Can't wait to see the silk pictures you promised!! :)