Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Scoreboard

I bought myself a Martha Stewart Scoreboard.  What a neat thing.  I think it's used mostly by scrapbookers.   I bought one for my sister's birthday last year and I was really fascinated that you could make little gift bags and boxes with standard scrapbook paper. 
Check out the video at the end of this blogpost if you want to make this style of box yourself.  I made these two boxes.  Easy peasy.   After I put the gift in the package, I will close up the tops and put a ribbon on to close.

These little packages are the perfect size to hold a special mystery gift for a double baby shower this weekend.   The new moms will have to guess what this little home made gift is used for. 

I can't show you the mystery gift now, but I will after the baby shower.  


Linda H said...

Looks like a great little gadget to have!!

Kathy said...

Love it...and your colour choices too. Peek-a-boo. So sorry,probable won't make it to your house, will if the coughing subsides.