Sunday, September 9, 2012

Star Light Quilt - Weekend 2

Last weekend I showed you some sewing I did at the cottage.  The first sewing all summer because the weather has been so good.    It's September and the cooler weather is here.  So, that means I will sew on the cooler mornings.   Last weekend I stitched up the 12 main blocks.  This weekend, I finished stitching the 31 sashing blocks and a small number of smaller blocks .  This is definitely a quick quilt to sew up.    

Next weekend, I'll be doing the layout, and starting to sew it all together.

 I love the scrappy beiges and reds.    I just think that Red just might be my new favorite color.

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Diane B. said...

Very nice pattern Gail...things go together soo easy for you...Diane...