Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Enjoying Curacao

Enjoying a little time in Curacao.  Sweet place.  Love all the different colors of houses.  Looks something like Amsterdam but in the southern Caribbean.

Our Caribbean Princess ship in the back.

Recognize the fella sitting in the U?


Donna Peters said...

Meanwhile, we are in freezing rain, school cancelled day!
I love the colors of the houses! Hope your having a blast!

Linda H said...

Looks like a happy Mert to me!! Yes Donna is right- enjoy that sunshine and the warm temps as we are "enjoying" freezing rain and yet anther dump of snow... All schools closed here again today.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe schools are closed again. Twice in the same week! Can't say we miss the snow & ice here in sunny Florida. Glad to hear about your travels aboard the cruise ship. Lucy