Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Aurora

She's 5 years old today.  She is so smart.  

We had a little cake party for her and the triplets when she was here last weekend.  After blowing out the candles, Aurora was so glad to say, "Now I'm FIVE Years Old!!"   Later in the day she told me that her mother was going to make her another cake and have another party for her on her actual birthday. (which is today)   "And then I will be SIX years old!!" she said.  

Funny how kids think eh!  Happy Birthday Aurora.

Have a look at the fabulous cake Aurora's talented mom made her for today.    Aurora will be thrilled!


Lee said...

Wow! I would never do this - I'm such a lousy mom. Way to go, Patience.

Michelle Matheson said...

Go Supermomma!